How To Turn Your Dead Tree Stumps Into Your Garden's Biggest Highlight

How To Turn Your Dead Tree Stumps Into Your Garden's Biggest Highlight

The majority of us have encountered the problem of having a tree stump in our yard at one point or another. While it's possible to hack it away with an ax, or, depending on its size, dig it up, there are much more aesthetically pleasing solutions.

After all, when neither of the above work, you could be left with no option but to call in a pro to remove the stump!

Credit: Pexels

So, instead of attempting any of the above, why not turn the old tree stump into your yard into a planter?

With the right selection of flowers, it can easily become a centerpiece.

There's plenty of advice available on how to do this too.

According to This Old House, to create the perfect planter, all you have to do is dig out the center, but leave the outer border of the stump around three inches wide. You will also need to include a drainage hole that's pointing downward.

However, it's important to note that even with the best will in the world, because you are working with a dead tree, the lifespan of your planter will be inherently limited. That being said, most can last for years - if not decades!

But it's not just tree stumps that can be transformed into gorgeous planters. Logs can too!

This is something which Kendra from A Proverbs 31 Wife beautifully demonstrated by sharing how she and her husband turned a log into a planter box. As the pictures below demonstrate, it was hollowed out with an ax.

"This is the 3rd summer I've had it and the underside is beginning to show a little rot, but still very solid and I expect to get another 3 years at least out of it," Kendra said of the planter's lifespan.

However, if you're wanting your planter to last longer than most, if you turn it into a pot, like the one pictured below, you can!

A full walkthrough of how to create this very chic design is available on Not Just a Housewife.

Personally, we love this design because it comes all the minimalism of modern furniture with the beauty of the natural world.

Another idea, if you've got smaller logs to hand, is to turn them into miniature planters. Aren't they adorable? These would make great gifts too. They cost next to nothing, look fabulous, and come with a personal touch.

Have any of these ideas inspired you to upcycle an old stump or log? Let us know in the comments section!