20 Of The Most Ingenious Hacks Suggested By Parents, For Parents

20 Of The Most Ingenious Hacks Suggested By Parents, For Parents

It's often said that it takes a village to raise a child - and it's true. Kids have a lot of needs, and meeting them all can be overwhelming. There may only be a few literal octomoms in existence, but most parents can attest to the fact that they wish they had a few more arms when running after their children, especially in their earlier and more dependent years.

Thankfully, we humans have been around for such a long time that, collectively, we've got parenting town to a tee. And now that we're living in the age of technology, with nothing more than few clicks you can find a solution or hack to solve whatever dilemma you're facing.

So, without further ado, here are 20 parenting hacks that'll make you wonder why you didn't think of them yourself...

1. How to get the kids to unknowingly help with housework

Credit: Twitter / @AnnieMcCarren

Can someone give this mom a medal?!

2. The perfect solution to telling your identical twins apart

Credit: Bored Panda

Sure, they'll hate you for it when they're older, but right now, it's a godsend.

3. Teach your kids their times tables on the stairs

Credit: Reddit / @1ItalianLurker

They'll be a math whizz before their classmates can even count to 100.

4. The ultimate BBQ safety hack

Credit: Instagram / @ladbabyofficial

Because curiosity can all too often get the better of kids.

5. No bathtub? No problem!

Credit: Instagram / @fjordliebe

With a little pool in your shower, your kids will be able to splash around to their heart's content without making a mess!

6. Make a sandpit in a tent and protect it from the elements

Credit: YouTube / The Goonberry Tales

Oh, and cats. No one wants their feline friend to go anywhere near their kid's sandpit.

7. The car seat hack that could save a life

Credit: Instagram / @mommyhacksofficial

Put important details at the back of your kid's car seat. Should the worst happen, it'll save the emergency services time.

8. "I took a rectangle-shaped Tupperware and we made 'snow blocks' for an 'igloo'. My boys absolutely loved it."

Credit: Instagram / @michelle_ssb1

I did this as a kid too. My only recommendation is this: always observe your children playing inside your igloo, in case it collapses on them!

9. "Although we tell our daughter to not run into parking lots, it doesn't mean she is going to listen. I bought this car magnet and it has been a miracle worker. She loves keeping her hand on the bright colors while waiting for mom and will try so hard to match her fingers to the magnets."

Credit: Instagram / @raleighmomscare

This is the perfect way to keep your kid safe while you unload your shopping cart.

10. "My toddler was busy for over 30 minutes playing with these window stickers on the plane. Easy to pack, fun for them, and cheap!"

Credit: Instagram / @teachermama1138

Let's face it, keeping a kid entertained and quiet on a flight is no mean feat.

11. Put shower caps on the wheels of your stroller to keep your floors clean

Credit: YouTube

Mind = blown.

12. This diaper potty hack is a lifesaver

Credit: ahavenofchaos.com

Kids need to go when they need to go and there's not always a bathroom around. But if you keep a potty chair and some diapers in your car, they can easily relieve themselves and you can clean up after them with no mess.

13. What an inventive dad

Credit: Reddit / @malleeman

This is the perfect solution to keeping your kids safe while you cook if you've not got a highchair to hand.

14. Busy cleaning up and need some hands free time? Entertain your kid with the washing machine

Credit: Instagram / @smartytots

Don't have a washing machine? This hack also works great with a mirror.

15. Write out your dosages on medicine bottles to avoid taking the wrong amount

Credit: Instagram / @alanacvalentine

Because when your kids have you run off your feet, it's easy to make mistakes.

16. Masking tape can turn any carpet or floor into a racetrack

Credit: Instagram / @tmccrum_mua

Hours of entertainment for only a few dollars.

17. Apple French fries anyone?

Credit: Instagram / @eastcoastveganvibes

Sometimes it can be challenging to get your kid to eat fruit. So why not tell them they're eating apple French fries instead of apple?

18. A fun sorting game for rainy days

Credit: Instagram / @texaflora

All you need are colored felt balls and a baking tin - then simply ask your kid to help you sort them.

19. How to politely ignore your kids

Credit: Twitter / @RHairing

Grown-ups might be caregivers, but we also need some me time too.

20. Color code your kids so you don't lose them

Credit: Instagram / @brandi.marie.e

This hack will make a trip to the zoo a lot less stressful.

So there you have it - 20 parenting hacks which, if I do say so myself, are total game changers. Parents have a stressful job, but at least they can take comfort in the knowledge that with some clever knowledge and planning, it can be made that bit easier.