19 Parents Share The Hilarious (And Very Honest) Things Their Children Say

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Dec 10, 20185 mins

19 Parents Share The Hilarious (And Very Honest) Things Their Children Say

This summer, I spent some time with my young cousins, aged six and nine. As a 23-year-old 'adult' who has no children, or no intention of having any for a considerable time, I was a bit daunted by the idea of hanging out with them - not only because of their age, but because they are both boys, and their idea of a fun afternoon is talking about farts, poop, and mindless YouTube videos they've watched, the theme of which are usually farts and poop.

However, the time I spent with them actually revealed to me that children are natural born comedians. They unwittingly say the type of one-liners that comedians take years to write and deliver these words in such a nonchalant way that it's difficult not to crease up with mirth.

For example, when my six-year-old cousin learned that our grandfather had passed away, he wasn't remotely sad. In fact, he had a broad smile across his face. Rather unnerved by this reaction, we asked him what he was thinking, to which he replied that he was happy because his pet chicken had passed away the week earlier and now my grandad could look after it in heaven. Despite the gravitas of the situation, my whole family began to smile too at the innocent image that my cousin had conjured up.

As it turns out, families around the world experience these moments of genuine bemusement on a daily basis, and thanks to the internet, they share them all online so that everyone can have a chuckle. Here are a few of the best, guaranteed to make you laugh...

1. Honesty is the best policy


Credit: Twitter / James Breakwell

When it comes down to pets, parents are suddenly dropped in the house hierarchy!

2. Teach them young

Credit: Twitter / James Breakwell

Children have absolutely no filter, so they often say exactly what comes to mind - and, most of the time, it's what we are all thinking!

3. Bad mom

Credit: Twitter / James Breakwell

Being a mom isn't easy, but your children won't realize that themselves until they have their own brood. It's at that point that they may regret making comments like this.

4. Body talk

Credit: Twitter / Kelly Oxford

Understanding anatomy is a challenge for children, and quite often their whole world comes crashing down when they learn the truth.

5. An innocent misunderstanding

Credit: Twitter / @Lisa_nonos

Making mistakes is all part of growing up, and sometimes a child's error can be the funniest thing.

6. A parent's struggle

Credit: Twitter / @dadmissions

Your patience is well and truly pushed to its limit when you have children!

7. Solid advice

Credit: Twitter / @Cray_At_home_Ma

It's good to teach your children important lessons as soon as you can, and there is nothing more important than teaching them how to pick the perfect partner!

8. Rejected

Credit: Twitter / Ashley Austrew

As a parent, you have to be comfortable with rejection on a regular basis. It doesn't matter how much you do for your child, they will never really appreciate you - until they have their own children, that is!

9. What did you just say?!

Credit: Twitter / @PonyMartini

We all mishear things from time to time, but as an adult, you question the legitimacy of what you've just heard. However, as a child, it can be difficult to know what's real and what's not.

10. The truth

Credit: Twitter / @Cheryl629

You can't even pretend that this isn't the truth!

11. A slight concern

Credit: Twitter / @jessokfine

There are few things more concerning for a parent than hearing your child utter the words "touch" and "knives" in the same sentence.

12. A weird one

Credit: Twitter / @TheAlexNevil

Ideas like this are what the movie Big brought to life. If children were allowed to run toy and candy companies, products like this would exist.

13. Ouch.

Credit: Twitter / @Caroline_315

The mummy v. daddy game is one that children love to play, usually with quite brutal outcomes.

14. They grow up fast!

Credit: Twitter / @cindynorth1

Children can grow up so quickly, but none quicker than this three-year-old!

15. A solid achievement

Credit: Twitter / @Katontherun2

Children can be slow to learn how to behave in public, but it's always great to learn that they've stopped doing things that could potentially get them into a lot of trouble.

16. Well, it isn't wrong

Credit: Twitter / @TheMichaelRock

Sometimes it can be hard to reason with a child, which is simply because they are right in what they are saying, even if they say it in a truly peculiar way.

17. Ssssh!

Credit: Twitter / Sandy Rustin

The excitement of gift buying is so strong for children that it can be impossible to keep it a secret!

18. A genius idea

With ideas like this, this kid could occupy the White House!

19. Music matters

We are all welcome to our own opinion when it comes to the arts, as it's our interpretation that makes it special to an individual. However, it doesn't come much more special than this child's vision of classical music.


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