15 Pictures That Are All Too Relatable For Breastfeeding Moms

15 Pictures That Are All Too Relatable For Breastfeeding Moms

Pregnancy puts the female body through the mill - and that's putting it mildly. You have nine months worth of physical changes to contend with, many of which are notoriously unpleasant (I'm looking at you morning sickness!), then, after pushing a human out of your nether regions, you're left with a postpartum, milky body.

While some mothers choose not to breastfeed (and that's totally okay!) and others can't, chances are that the milk production still happens, and a host of problems come hand in hand with it.

Case in point, these 15 pictures which are all too relatable for anyone who has ever breastfed...

1. When you leak milk in your sleep

Credit: Instagram / @camwimberly1

This is why it's highly unlikely that you'll catch a new mom sleeping in sexy lingerie.

2. Forget mastering sexy time positions...

Credit: Instagram / @littlepeachlondon

Mastering breastfeeding positions is where it's at.

3. Because some twats can't let moms feed their kids in public

Credit: Instagram / @scarlett_evelyn_1317

Fun fact: if you can't see a boob without sexualizing it, there's something wrong with you.

4. Babies sometimes don't take your face into consideration

Credit: Instagram / @tittytittybangbang187

This is definitely why people hired wet nurses back in the day.

5. Ready to pop!

Credit: Instagram / @stepheluv

Pregnancy = instant boob job.

6. What breastfeeding does to your melons

Credit: Instagram / @kyleeleman

Yeah, you won't see many postpartum bodies in Playboy.


Credit: Instagram / @un_keish_the_beast

Anyone who has ever used a breast bump will feel this mom's pain. Crying over spilled milk is a thing OKAY.

8. Now that's what I call multitasking

Credit: Instagram / @jessicahowlett_

This baby knows how to work with his mom and not against her.

9. Oh dear...

Credit: Instagram / @nellyandwilson

Clearly, human milk appeals to more than one species!

10. Swollen boobs are painful...

Credit: Instagram / @midwiferycare_nyc

So much so that you'll do anything to make them feel better, even if it means looking like a cabbage patch mom.

11. When you're breastfeeding and hungry

Credit: Instagram / @probablytiredaf

So close and yet so far. #TheStruggleIsReal

12. Breastfeeding baby or a handy cookie tray?

Credit: Instagram / @lifewlola

I'll let you decide.

13. Breastfeeding moms go through a lot of shirts

Credit: Instagram / @haileycimber

Mom life indeed.

14. Before and after pregnancy

Credit: Instagram / @ifnormaldidthis

"Do your boobs hang high? Do your boobs hang low?" You know the words!

15. It doesn't matter what you wear, the milk will find a way through...

Credit: Instagram / @parentloveis

This is why breast pads are a godsend.

So, whether you're a mom who's in stitches reminiscing at how relatable these pictures are or a horrified mom-to-be, take comfort in the knowledge that we're in this together. Cabbage boobs and all.