15 Moms And Dads Who Prove Parenting Really Doesn't Come With A Manual

15 Moms And Dads Who Prove Parenting Really Doesn't Come With A Manual

Parenting is without question one of the hardest jobs in the world. Not only do you have to fend for your own grown-up self, which, as we all know, harder than it looks, but you have a little mini-me relying on you for their every need. And because you have so much to think about at once, fails can and do happen.

You are, after all, juggling countless balls at once, and just like clowns, you have the potential to be hilarious when you inevitably drop one or, if you're anything like me, the whole bunch. Thankfully, the internet exists, and many parents are now sharing their most hilarious fails in an act of solidarity!

So, without further ado, here are 15 of the best parenting fails that the World Wide Web has to offer:

1. "Thanks for making me a grilled cheese sandwich, mom!"

Credit: Twitter / @Krzwyf

"Eh, I mean toast."

2. Oh dear...

Credit: Twitter / @365DaysOfDisney

Winnie the Squashed then?

3. Sometimes parenting really takes it out of you...

Credit: Reddit / @lappydappydoda

God bless the person who made baby bottles no spill!

4. Parents have so many milestones to celebrate with their kids

Credit: Twitter / @kelvin_goertzen

It's just a shame that not all of them are blessed with photography skills!

5. I'm sure it still tastes good

Credit: Twitter / @BrandtSnedeker


6. Happy first birthday! 

Credit: Reddit / @TheHamilton

Actually, on second thoughts, that's a cake that belongs to a hen party...

7. Daddy will keep you safe

Credit: Imgur / @scotthaslam17

Some kids are better off fending for themselves.

8. Delicious!

Credit: Twitter / @TimBabbComedian

It's the thought that counts, right? Right?!!

9. At least she was in the right ballpark...

Credit: Twitter / @breanna_lee22

This is more understandable if this person has siblings. But regardless, we grownups have a lot to remember!

10. So close and yet so far

Credit: Twitter / @mksuess

I'm sure they'll be able to work out what you meant!

11. Bleary-eyed parents can make some hilarious fashion mistakes

Credit: Twitter / @ElizabethL

This must have been uncomfortable.

12. This is definitely not kid friendly...

Credit: Instagram / Unknown

In fact, this pancake - if you can call it that - isn't anyone friendly.

13. These probably tasted great so whatever!

Credit: Twitter / @DrCJohns

To be fair to this mom, there's a lot of kids out there who'd actually enjoy eating something that looks like snot.

14. "Super ninja parent distraction techniques"

Credit: Reddit / @jsauce12

Something tells me that they wouldn't go down too well with actual ninjas.

15. There are no words for this

Credit: Instagram / Unknown

I don't even think these are appropriate for a hen party - and that's saying something.

So, the next time you inevitably end up making a parenting fail, take comfort in the knowledge that you're not alone. It's a hard job, and your mess up most likely won't be as bad as some of the ones featured on this list!