Utterly Adorable Pregnancy Announcements That'll Leave You Desperate For Another Baby

Utterly Adorable Pregnancy Announcements That'll Leave You Desperate For Another Baby

Now that we're living in the age of 24/7 social media, it's where many of us choose to make our big life announcements. Whether it's letting your family and friends know that you finally graduate college or that you've found yourself a new partner, people these days enjoy making announcements through selfies and statuses.

As a result, people's announcements are getting increasingly more elaborate. After all, is there anything more satisfying on watching the likes roll in after making a post you know is social media gold? When my friend graduated, he sat on a blow-up unicorn holding a beer with a sign announcing it behind him, but when it comes to pregnancy announcements, parents-to-be are in a league of their own. Because there's no better opportunity for creativity than announcing that you're about to bring a new life into the world.

1. A new little pin to add to the fold

Credit: Imgur

I really hope that these pins are used on this baby's diaper too. That would be going beautifully full circle.

2. No one wants an eviction notice

Credit: Imgur

But you have to hand it to these parents - this is one clever way of announcing that they're expecting.

3. It's not just older siblings who need to come to terms with a new arrival 

Credit: Reddit / @rferrar1

A pooch needs to do its homework to be able to cope with the change too.

4. Because Mario needs his brothers!

Credit: Imgur / @Fear52

I wonder if he'll get a little Luigi or Princess Peach to play with.

5. Batman would be nothing without Robin

Credit: Source Unknown

Telling your kid that they're getting a sidekick is a great way of stopping them from feeling threatened by a new baby.

6. Humor at its finest

Credit: Imgur / @Fear52

There's no way dad can get out of changing nappies now.

7. Sometimes simplicity is the key to a great pregnancy announcement

Credit: Flickr

This one is very appropriate for the digital age.

8. All hail this couple's pumpkin carving skills

Credit: Imgur / @Fear52

Tim Burton probably couldn't think of anything as brilliantly gothic as this announcement.

9. Ice Ice Baby

Credit: Imgur / @dundermiffIin

These two are definitely going to be Under Pressure soon!

10. The nerdiest baby announcement ever

Credit: Source Unknown

Their local optician will be pleased.

11. "What's in your tummy, Mummy?"

Credit: Source Unknown

Now that's what I call a transformation picture.

12. Another great way of letting your little one know there's going to be a new arrival

Credit: Karen Hibbert

And announcing it to the world at the same time!

13. Teamwork makes the dream work

Credit: Imgur

Even if raising a baby is a little more difficult than assembling furniture!

14. Player 3 Has Entered The Game

Credit: Facebook

It won't be long before this kid is thrashing his dad on the Xbox!

15. I'm sure their friends and family will tune into this movie

Credit: Imgur

Their romantic pictures in the background are a nice touch.

16. Did we just become best friends?!

Credit: Facebook

YUP! Not only are these Step Brothers-inspired onesies adorable, but look how excited she is to finally have a younger sibling by her side! I hope they have plenty of room for activities.

17. The best thing about a new baby? You'll eventually have a new video game player in the house

Credit: Imgur

I mean, Super Mario Brothers is a lot more fun when there are more players.

So, if you or someone you know is expecting, or even just trying for a baby, you might want to get your thinking cap on so that you can rival some of the best pregnancy announcements the internet has to offer. Or, y'know, you could use them as inspiration!