Spooky Make-Up Designs For Halloween

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By Daisy Eakins

Oct 12, 20215 mins

Spooky Make-Up Designs For Halloween

We’ve got Halloween covered this year thanks to Fruittella. In the second instalment of our Spooky Sundays series, we’re bringing you all the drama with these Halloween face paint looks, creating a Mummy, a Witch and a Skull - something for everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for more Halloween inspiration, as Fruittella and Craft Factory have got Halloween all wrapped up.


Items needed:

  • Yellow Face Paint
  • Green Face Paint
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Small Face Sponge
  • Various Sized Paint Brushes
  • Greaseproof Paper
  • Liquid Latex
  • Cotton Bud
  • Rice Puffs


  1. Spray the water based face paint with water using the water spray. 
  2. Load the sponge with yellow paint & apply this to the face in the areas where you'd like the base to appear. 
  3. Load sponge with green and apply to the remaining areas over the rest of the face.
  4. Blend these two colours together.
  5. Take a darker green and shade in areas of the face where required; around eye sockets, cheekbones and blend around the hairline. 
  6. Take a medium brush and use a dark green to create some depth to the eyelid and eye socket. 
  7. Using a thin paintbrush use black paint to draw in some wrinkle lines across the forehead and around the eyes - don't be afraid to work out from the eyes, across the forehead and add in thicker bushy eyebrows. It will all add to the look. 
  8. Continue with the wrinkles around the face until happy with the details.
  9. Add some line work with black paint to outline and enhance lips
  10. Using a small white paint brush and some white paint, add highlights where necessary enhancing the wrinkles. 
  11. Using some liquid latex, take a small amount on some greaseproof paper using a cotton bud (size of a 5p is more than enough!) and we’re ready to get creating our Witch’s wart. 
  12. Take a couple of rice puffs and add to latex glue so they’re close enough to stick together.   
  13. Allow the puffs to dry. 
  14. Once dry, peel off backing paper and apply to the face with eyelash glue or more latex
  15. Paint over the warts to create a similar colour to the face or as required.
  16. Check final look for any enhancements required.



Items needed:

  • Medium Paint Brush
  • White Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • Pen / Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Green Paint (We chose green, but you can select any colour!)
  • Thin Paint Brush / Sponge 


  1. Load a small paint brush with white paint, sketching out bandage areas on the face
  2. Take your background colour and load this onto a medium sized brush - we have chosen yellow paint here to add the spookiness. 
  3. Paint in between the bandage sections with the yellow paint. 
  4. Using the brown paint, with a medium paint brush outline the yellow sections close to the edges of the bandage as we will blend to add depth. 
  5. Take a sponge loaded with a small amount of the brown paint and drag blend those sections in to fill the areas. 
  6. Using the brown paint add any texturing to the zombie skin as required - a dryer paint sponge works well for this. 
  7. Load a large flat brush with your choice of colour for bandage (we have used white) and apply across the bandage sections.
  8. Using a black paint on a thin brush outline the bandage sections and outline accordingly. 
  9. Take a medium sized brush and drag out the black into the white paint to create a 3D illusion - use the video as a reference here as it looks great! 
  10. Blend any shadows away where required to create some depth. 
  11. Using a Grey face paint mixed with lots of water, apply some brush strokes over the white bandaged sections to add texture and depth. 
  12. Using white paint on a thin brush run over the bandage outline for definition. 



Items needed:

  • White Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Thin Brush
  • Medium Paint Brush
  • Sponge
  • Cosmetic Glue 
  • Gems


  1. Spray the water based face paint with water using the water spray. 
  2. Load the sponge with white paint and apply this to the whole face. 
  3. Load a brush with black paint and apply to areas following the line from the temple to the jaw.
  4. Take a sponge and drag blending outwards to create a blended cheekbones look.
  5. Repeat this process on the jaw line and blend down the neck with black paint and a sponge. 
  6. Using the loaded thin brush with black paint, create two circles around the eyes and blend to create two black eyes. 
  7. Using a thin paint brush using the black paint, create a bone like shape nose - refer back to the video for ease here. 
  8. Load a medium dry brush, take some black paint and add some small lines downwards over the lips to create a boney look.
  9. With the same brush add in some wrinkle lines and texture to the forehead above the eyes. 
  10. Take a small thin paint brush and black paint and create some line work down from the forehead, and outwards from the eye sockets to create skull crack effect. 
  11. Select glitters and gems for applying to the face. 
  12. Apply water based glue to the gem and wait for the glue to go tacky. Apply the gem to the face, press the gem into position and wait to dry. 
  13. Repeat around the lip area and forehead - wherever desired. 
  14. Apply water based glue in the areas where the glitter will be placed allow the glue to go clear. 
  15. Once the glue has become tacky, take a sponge, collect glitter and press onto the tacky glue. 
  16. white for the glue to go tacky on the gem and on the face then press the gem onto the face
  17. Check final look for any enhancements required


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