People Recreated Their Grandparents' Photos And They Just Reek Of Nostalgia

People Recreated Their Grandparents' Photos And They Just Reek Of Nostalgia

There are plenty of trends on social media - fashion trends, fitness trends and, well, all sorts of popular online crazes. Some of them, we can agree, are pretty ridiculous (and potentially fatal) - ahem, the tide pod challenge.

Usually, however, they're pretty harmless and more often than not, they're incredibly sentimental and heartwarming.

And there are few online trends as heartwarming as the one which sees people recreating vintage photos featuring their own grandparents.

So, without further ado, here are 20 photos, some from as far back as a century ago, which were given a modern reworking by some very ambitious grandkids.

1. A pair of Hitotsubashi University graduates

Credit: Scrumtrullecent/Reddit

2. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree

Credit: GreenCristina/Reddit

4. Gamers across generations

Credit: ImagesOfNetwork/Imgur

5. A timeless look

Credit: snowystormz/Reddit

6. Barbecue in the country

Credit: 4shoot4/Reddit

7. The doting dad  pose should always be a thing

Credit: stpatrick32/Reddit

8. Father/son traditions that never grow old

Credit: Sandite5/reddit

9. These photos were taken 69 years apart on the exact same street in France

Credit: PointsGenerator/Imgur

10. This cricket player's grandson recreated grandpa's sporting ads

Credit: Phillip Brown/

11. Grandma on the left, granddaughter on the right - taken nearly a century apart

Credit: Taintlyn/Reddit

12. The classic "sitting on a bonnet" shot

Credit: MalcEZ/Reddit

13. They trained in exactly the same place - just 100 years apart

Credit: Goat_Overlord/Reddit

14. How are they not the same person?!

Credit: palimpsestor/Reddit

15. Okay, the resemblance is too uncanny!

Credit: noeatnosleep/Reddit

16. Like grandfather, like grandson

Credit: stides22/Reddit

17. Both were taken by the Arno River in Florence, Italy

Credit: wisawasa/Reddit

18. They're wearing the exact same jacket

Credit: brosenstock8/Reddit

19. The woman on the right and her boyfriend recreated her grandparents' photo


20. Both grandmother and granddaughter are aged 20 in these photos

Credit: keldry27/Imgur

Know of any photos of your grandparents you would like to create?