Exasperated parents share hilarious causes of their kids' temper tantrums

Exasperated parents share hilarious causes of their kids' temper tantrums

Children are ridiculous. They often have bizarre and completely unrealistic ideas about the world because it's still so new to them. As a result, we parents have a lot to contend with - especially during the terrible twos.

So, to celebrate the fact that we are all in it together, exasperated parents have been sharing pictures of their kids' temper tantrums and captioning them with their quite frankly hilarious causes.

Here's 18 of the best. Enjoy!

1. Fair.

Credit: @rageagainstheminivan via Bored Banda

Kids have a tendency to take things to take things very literally.

2. The young generation just don't know what's good for them.

Credit: @missyjo3 via Bored Banda

Sometimes having kids feels like owning a talking pet.

3. This little guy hasn't quite got his head around how TV works.

Credit: Bored Banda

At least it's a dream that can become a reality one day.

4. But there are some kids who just want to grow up too fast.

Credit: @rageagainstheminivan via Bored Banda

She's got no idea how inconvenient shaving is - regardless of gender.

5. Oh, the sweet innocence of youth.

Credit: Bored Banda

He's going to die when he sees this picture later in life.

6. Even the simplest of tasks can seem monumental for toddlers.

Credit: @acrookedframe via Bored Banda

Hopefully, it didn't take him too long to work out.

7. Unless you're a mind reader, you'll never be able to avoid tantrums.

Credit: @rageagainstheminivan via Bored Banda

Learning how to express themselves accurately is one of the most important lessons kids will ever learn.

8. Well, this literally makes no sense.

Credit: @rageagainstheminivan via Bored Banda

Kids will be kids, eh?

9. In addition to being mind readers, parents must be able to control Mother Nature. Forgot about that one.

Credit: @momlovesmickey via Bored Banda

This is kind of sweet, in a way.

10. I'm surprised she thought she could fit!

Credit: Bored Banda

I suppose it could have been worse. At least it wasn't the oven.

11. Wow.

Credit: @carlo_amacio via Bored Banda

Sometimes, there really are now words.

12. Toddlers don't know their own minds.

Credit: Bored Banda

The little piece of ravioli at the bottom of this picture makes it IMO.

13. You just can't win with toddlers.

Credit: @rageagainstheminivan via Bored Banda

She probably enjoyed it all the same though. We hope.

14. Giving up on life before it's properly started.

Credit: @rageagainstheminivan via Bored Banda

Clearly, some kids think they have nine lives and are happy to squander them on a whim.

15. Oh dear...

Credit: Bored Banda

That's the thing with kids: they can imagine things into existence.

16. Hygiene, personal safety... Yeah, kids get none of it.

Credit: @ohthatmomglow via Bored Banda

Some things just aren't meant for flushing, not holding.

17. Another kid with a death wish.

Credit: Bored Banda

"You'll understand when you're older" - or, y'know, when you get into a serious accident.

18. If it's not themselves that they want to hurt, it's you.

Credit: @rageagainstheminivan via Bored Banda

Being a parent really is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Well, one thing's for sure - these kids are going to have some hilarious pictures to look back on when they're older!