Mom's Tried And Tested Cleaning Hack Will Leave Your Carpets Looking Brand New

Mom's Tried And Tested Cleaning Hack Will Leave Your Carpets Looking Brand New

One of the most difficult parts of any home to clean are carpets. Sure, we might live in the age of vacuum cleaners and endless cleaning products, but how well do they really work? Even carpets that are on the pricer side don't fare well with innocuous everyday dirt, and unless you're willing to turn your abode into a virtual showhome, you need to learn to live with it.

Or maybe you don't. Thanks to the internet, it's easier than ever before for people to share their cleaning hacks and one mom who's, quite frankly, a league above the rest of us mere mortals is Mrs. Hinch, who has gained legions of fans on social media websites including YouTube and Instagram by sharing her surprisingly simple and effective cleaning hacks.

In the video below, she shares some of her best tips: 

The latest Mrs. Hinch cleaning hack to viral is for carpets. With nothing more than $1 glass squeegee she's shown her followers how they can get their carpets - no matter how dirty, matted and haggard - to look like they're brand new.

Credit: Instagram / @together_at_home

The magic in this hack is the result of a squeegee - y'know, the device which, until now, has been reserved entirely for cleaning the likes of car, bathroom, or window glass.

The online sensation revealed to her million-plus followers on Instagram that all they need to do to transform their carpets is "gently scrape", the Daily Mail reported, the dry device over them and voilà!

Credit: Instagram / @jenna_I_willis

This dragging motion will remove any dust, lint, and dirt trapped in your carpet - leaving it looking like new.

Credit: Instagram / @littlemermaiddanni

Now, social media users have been sharing snaps of themselves on Instagram putting Mrs. Hinch's hack into action. Even those who thought that they had clean carpets beforehand have been shocked at the amount of dirt it's removed.

Credit: Instagram / @mrshinchhome

"Oh my - when you think your floors are lovely and last night try a new trick and this happens. Major squeegee cleaning after work tonight on ALL carpets and stairs," wrote one shocked fan of the online cleaning superstar.

Credit: Instagram / Mrs Hinch

A second fan wrote, "This is my new mate! I keep looking at peoples' carpets now and want to get it out to clean."

Whereas a third remarked, "I'm so shocked at this! I Squeegeed my stairs which I hoovered before this and look at how much fluff I brought up."

Credit: This Morning

In response to the countless pictures of the hack on Instagram, Mrs. Hinch wrote, "Loving these pics! Squeegy your carpets Hinchers." She then commented, "loving all the squeegy results - can't beat it!" and "love it! Keep going."

So, what are you waiting for? Even if you're a regular domestic God/Goddess/sparkly person, give this hack a try and see what's really lurking in your carpets. And if you want even more hacks from Mrs. Hinch, follow her on Instagram.