Mom's Ice Cube Hack Means You'll Never Have To Iron Your Clothes Again

Mom's Ice Cube Hack Means You'll Never Have To Iron Your Clothes Again

No one likes doing chores - unless, of course, they're an absolute clean freak - but even then it can't ever really be called an enjoyable activity.

But some chores are decidedly duller than others. Ironing, for instance, is a particularly monotonous activity. So much so that many of us will throw on a creased shirt simply because we just can't be bothered to use an iron to painstakingly smooth out each and every wrinkle.

But what if you had a super easy and super quick alternative to ironing? If you hate doing the ironing or simply have little time to get it done, then you need to start using this ingenious time-saving hack to ensure your clothes are 100% wrinkle-free.

ice cubes dryer Credit: @JulieK via Twenty20

The hack, which involves a dryer and a couple of ice cubes, allows you to kill two birds with one stone by getting your clothes dry while simultaneously ridding them of any creases.

This is the perfect hack to use for whenever you need to get ready quickly and for an occasion on which you must dress to impress - for instance, for a date or an important job interview.

Just throw a few ice cubes (just about two or three) into the appliance in order to achieve a perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free outfit.

The technique works best if only a minimal amount of clothing and ice cubes are used. If you include too many items of clothing, ice cubes or heavy fabrics (jeans, for example), you will likely not get the desired outcome. Next, adjust the dryer to the highest heat in order to steam the wrinkles out. It's also best if you keep it to a full short cycle.