Mom's Incredible Slow Cooker Breakfast Hack Will Change Your Life

Mom's Incredible Slow Cooker Breakfast Hack Will Change Your Life

All too often, we skip breakfast despite it famously being the most important meal of the day. Most of us are just too busy in the mornings to spend any amount of time preparing breakfast so we simply forgo the need to fuel our bodies.

But it certainly doesn't have to be that way! In fact, one mother's time-saving breakfast hack might just pave the way for more people being able to fit a filling early morning meal into their day-to-day schedule.

The mom from New Zealand shared a slow cooker breakfast hack that will ensure efficiency in the cooking process.

Ara prepared a big English breakfast in her slow cooker overnight so that it was ready to eat by the time she woke up the next day. The breakfast was cooked at a very low temperature between 11 pm and 8 am.

Ara decided to give this cooking method a go after coming across a recipe in a slow cooker Facebook group.

"Been meaning to try it for ages," she said. "Verdict: Best idea ever! This will be us every big breakfast morning. Thank you to whoever it was that discovered it."

Ara shared pictures of the ingredients in the pot (including baked beans, hash browns, sausages, bacon and mushroom and garlic sauce) before and after they had been cooked.

Credit: Facebook

The mother used mugs to separate the beans, hash browns, and the mushroom and garlic sauce, while the sausages and bacon were placed around the edges of the pot.

"Place all breakfast ingredients in the slow cooker and sausages along the sides so they crisp up," Ara added. "Put saucy stuff like baked beans and mushrooms into individual cups so they don't end up a big mash."

She added butter and cream to the mushroom and garlic sauce. "In the morning, I put them on the stove top to thicken the sauce," she explained.

Although the sausages were nice and crispy the next day, she found that they had stuck to the edges of the pot.

Credit: Facebook

"Next time I will try using baking paper to help keep them from sticking to the sides," she said.

She also said that next time she attempts the method, she will put the hash browns along the edges to help them crisp up.

"They were still delicious as is. I turned the slow cooker on low at 11 pm, I got up at 8 am and it looked like it had been ready for a while," she said. "We ate at around 9 am. The only things we had to do was toast the muffins and poach the eggs... oh and thicken the mushroom sauce."

After reading unfavourable reviews of the way in which eggs come out when made using a slow cooker, Ara decided against placing them inside with the rest of the ingredients.

Plenty of people shared their thoughts on the method once the photos had been posted.

"Good idea for cold winter mornings," one foodie wrote while many others commented that they were "mind blown" by the cooking trick.

Does this very efficient breakfast hack sound like something you might want to try?