Mom Reveals How You Can Create Target's Sold Out "Aspen" Christmas Tree

Mom Reveals How You Can Create Target's Sold Out "Aspen" Christmas Tree

We are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas! The festive season is hands down the best part of the entire year for a whole bunch of different reasons. I mean, there's the catchy Christmas songs, all the delicious food, the giving of gifts, and, of course, time spent with loved ones. Not to mention the fact that, aside from Halloween, it's the only time where you're pretty much expected to give your home a holiday-themed makeover.

And what does every festively decorated home need? A painstakingly adorned Christmas tree!

Needless to say, going Christmas tree shopping is no piece of cake. There are just so many things you need to look out for while on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, whether it's an actual tree (the most popular examples being a fir or pine tree), or an artificial one.

When it comes to the artificial store-bought Christmas trees, you'll want to get one which stands out. Perhaps like this Snowy Aspen Christmas tree from Target (also known as a "flocked" Christmas tree)?

Credit: Target Mums Australia

Yes, this gorgeous-looking tree has been a huge success in sales this festive season, leaving families desperate to get hold of one.

These Scandi-inspired trees vary in prices, but this season's best seller comes in at $59 AU, and is characterised by the green needles covered in flecks of white, giving it a snowy appearance. Soon after being made available, the strikingly festive tree quickly sold out in stores.

Credit: Facebook

Customers who were fortunate enough to buy the Snowy Aspen Christmas tree before they officially sold out couldn't wait to show off their dazzling new tree on social media. "I feel so lucky to have found one," a woman wrote alongside a stunning picture of her tree.

"Finally got my hands on the snowy aspen today and absolutely love it!" added another.

Target Australia's head of design/hardgoods, Emma Duxbury-Thompson, told that they were thrilled about the favourable reaction to their Christmas tree.

Credit: Target Mums Australia

"I think it has worked so well because we were able to deliver a stylish boutique-looking tree at a really affordable $59 price for our customers. It's the alignment of current trends, affordability, and quality which we think makes this tree such a success.

"The buzz on social media and reviews we have been getting across all our trees have been amazing and we love that customers are sharing their styled trees on social media this festive season."

If you're really lucky you might be able to find the tree on eBay, where it occasionally pops up for nearly triple the original price. However, if you adore the look of the tree but have no intention of spending a small fortune on it, you can try making your own DIY version like one particular Aussie mum. Clever, right?

Credit: Target Mums Australia

In order to achieve the Christmassy look, the mum got together a few household items, all of which came to a total cost of only $8. She also explained that she felt inspired to create her own version of the extremely popular tree after failing to purchase one from her local Target.

After selecting a regular green tree that closely resembled Target's sell-out product, she made her own flocking (snow) using a range of everyday household products.

Credit: Target Mums Australia

In order to make the flocking mixture, she used one can of shaving foam, one bottle of Elmer's white glue and three-quarters of a cup of corn flour.

She began the process of making the "snow" by filling a large mixing bowl with shaving foam, then adding the cornflour and glue, before giving it a thorough mix.

Credit: Target

"Mix all three ingredients together then you've got your "snow" then with your gloves rub the snow onto the individual branches of your tree. [Add] less or more depending on how white you'd like, [sic]" she wrote, alongside photos showing the amazing before and after.

Credit: Target Mums Australia

Many of those who spotted the crafty but simple trick on social media left comments praising the mum's hack. However, some people wondered whether snow in a can could do the job a lot quicker and more efficiently.

The mum addressed this point and revealed that she found snow in a can to be a "disaster". "It goes everywhere!" She wrote on the post. "And it doesn't stick to the tree. Every time we bump the tree or move it, the snow falls all over the floor."

Credit: Target Mums Australia

Others also wondered whether the homemade flocking stood up to moisture and potentially an invasion by moths.

"The glue seals it," the mother wrote before explaining the flocking is actually pretty solid, "even the chunks, the glue keeps it hard".

One mum also shared her own take on the festive hack, explaining how she added glitter to the mix in order to create a more sparkly tree. Posting a photo of her finished tree - complete with lights and decorations - the ingenious hacker said she was "absolutely in love" with her creation.

Credit: Target Mums Australia

What do you think? Would you rather use your own hacks and household items to create the Christmas tree of your dreams, or just buy one to save yourself the hassle?