15 Incredibly Realistic Embroidery Tattoos That Would Inspire Even Your Grandma To Get Inked

15 Incredibly Realistic Embroidery Tattoos That Would Inspire Even Your Grandma To Get Inked

Tattoos have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years. The artform which was once almost exclusively donned by the people polite society regarded as "undesirable" is now a part of mainstream culture. In fact, according to the Telegraph, the popularity of tattoos isn't going to plateau until 2025. In short, they're going to get even more popular!

And unlike in the past when the colors and designs of tattoos were simplistic, to say the least, they are becoming increasingly elaborate. You name it, and there's going to be a talented tattooist out there who can make it a reality.

Now, the latest form of truly eye-catching tattoos to gain popularity on social media is embroidery tattoos. Yes, the artform you once associated with sweet old ladies in rocking chairs has had, well, a rockstar update for the 21st century!

1. It's hard to believe this isn't made with string

Credit: Instagram / @polo_tatts

Sure, most grandmas might think they're against tattoos, but I think if they saw something like this, they'd change their minds.

2. Now that's what I call a tattoo sleeve

Credit: Instagram / @yomera1

It's even got little pieces of white ink which look like embroidery paper, making it hard to believe it's not real!

3. Embroidery tattoos come with an incredible 3D effect

Credit: Instagram / @yomera1

The detail in this robin is off the scale.

4. Lilo and, if you didn't know better, a real sitch!

Credit: Instagram / @dudalozanotattoo

The little flicks of black ink at the end of the design make it look like a real embroidery patch. Awesome.

5. This is so delicate it doesn't even look like a tattoo

Credit: Instagram / @annatat_md

There's a common misconception that women with tattoos are somehow less feminine, but as this picture demonstrates, you can decorate your body and still look as delicate as ever. This looks like it's been transported straight from a cushion!

6. Duff beer is where it's at

Credit: Instagram / @dudalozanotattoo

If your name happens to be Homer Simpson, of course. This embroidered bottle cap even has water droplets on it!

 7. Another beautifully delicate tattoo

Credit: Instagram / @evakrbdk

The stem could easily have been transported from a painting, and the bud, well, it puts your grandma's finest work to shame.

8. And to think there are people out there who don't class tattoos as real art

Credit: Instagram / @cindymatzak

To put the problem into context, a survey by You Gov found that just 53% of people class tattoos as art. Clearly, the remaining 47% haven't been looking at the right tattoos. This butterfly is stunning.

9. This tattoo is exactly the shade of this woman's lips

Credit: Instagram / @dinalitun

Clearly, some serious magic happens when you combine more than one art form.

10. A rosy embroidery tattoo

Credit: Instagram / @yomera1

Now, I'm no expert on tattooing, but with this much detail, I imagine that embroidery tattoos won't fade as quickly as others.

11. Look twice and you'll see it...

Credit: Instagram / @tabatatattoo

Two birds under an embroidered sky.

12. Celebrate your love of sewing

Credit: Instagram / @dudalozanotattoo

Forever - and in the aptest way possible.

13. Hopefully, pieces like this will make the phrase "tramp stamp" a thing of the past

Credit: Instagram / @thelilacelk

There's nothing trampy about this. It's artwork at its finest.

14. This looks like something straight out of an old fashioned medical journal

Credit: Instagram / @yomera1

And the embroidery gives it a stunning twist!

15. Perfect for any older Rolling Stones fans with a passion for embroidery

Credit: Instagram / @dudalozanotattoo

Mick Jagger would almost certainly approve.

So the next time you see someone raise an eyebrow at the sight of a tattoo, you might want to direct their attention to the likes of embroidery tattoos. They are a testament to how far the art form has come since the days of skull and crossbones tattoos, and, if I'm perfectly honest, so beautiful that I think even my 90-year-old grandma would be tempted to get one!