20 Amazing Alternative Uses For LEGO That Don't Revolve Around Your Kids' Entertainment

20 Amazing Alternative Uses For LEGO That Don't Revolve Around Your Kids' Entertainment

LEGO is a real staple in the world of children's toys, and it has been around for quite some time now - 61 years to be exact.

Yes, the modern version of the toy bricks was first developed all the way back in 1958, and its popularity still hasn't waned. In fact, the beloved 'construction' toys have been named "Toy of the Century" twice since LEGO's inception.

But they're actually a lot more versatile than you might have previously given them credit. So, let's not pretend that LEGO is exclusively something for kids to occupy themselves with - because, in reality, they can be used to build any of these inspiring creations.

1. Build a brand new home for your pets

Credit: Twitter / DoogieHowitzer

2. Who says LEGO pieces can't be used for interior design?!

Credit: dwell.com

3. Need a new knife block for your kitchen? Well, look no further...

Credit: Reddit / A_Fiddler_Crab

4. This one might take you a little while...

Credit: Reddit / GreenLeavesDryHeaves

5. Spruce up your mirror with a load of LEGOs for the frame

Credit: Lifehack

6. Give your plant pots a little variety

Credit: Mr.Attacki

7. Flowers that will never wither and die

Credit: Tumblr / legoexpress

8. Sometimes the gift wrap is more impressive than the actual gift...

Credit: marketplace.zibbet.com

9. It might not be the comfiest of couches but just look how cool it looks!

Credit: ztrain

10. Repair your wall, not with real bricks but with LEGO bricks

Credit: Dabboo

11. Have a little fun with your lamp shade by constructing it entirely from LEGO pieces

Credit: Reddit / crim_girl

12. Apparently, LEGO pieces make for good key racks

Credit: Reddit / y0immatt

13. ...And cuff links

Credit: Reddit / hippocrocadogapig

14. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you can make an entire home out of LEGO

Credit: topgear.com

15. Children can play with LEGO, or they can learn math with it...

Credit: Instagram / dreamerintherye

16. Jewellery out of LEGOs is also an option

Credit: zibbet.com

17. Revamp your bookshelf

18. Need a handy, little napkin holder for a kids' party?

19. Why not make yourself a couple of insane bookends?!

Credit: Flickr / Deborah Higdon

20. Did you know that LEGOs can be used as prosthetic animal limbs

And there you have it! LEGO isn't all about fun and games - those little bricks can also be a nifty little material to craft with. Get building!