7 Games to make sure your kids always look forward to brushing their teeth

7 Games to make sure your kids always look forward to brushing their teeth

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Encouraging your little ones to learn the importance of brushing their teeth well, and persuading them to actually do it twice a day, is no mean feat.

Frankly, there are probably a million things a kid would rather be doing, but the good news is that there are a number of ways to turn tooth brushing time into a fun and enjoyable experience rather than a chore. Here are some things you can do to ensure your kids never try to shirk their tooth brushing responsibilities again!

1. Get creative

This clever model of a mouth will make teaching your kids about brushing their teeth enjoyable. You can easily frame the model as a fun game to make sure they brush out all of the spots! Check out how to do it for yourself in this video:

2. Make it colourful

This creative solution, made using bottles and pom-poms will help you teach your kids about the different kinds of teeth in a visually stimulating and colourful manner that's sure to grab their attention!

3. Get crafty will leftover toothpaste boxes

In this wonderful video, you can learn how to make a fun and imaginative craft out of your leftover toothpaste boxes - what an incentive to get to the end of the tube of toothpaste so you and your kids can make a new craft each time.

4. Create a reward calendar for your kids successfully brushing their teeth

There's nothing like an incentive to help your kids learn to love the very important daily task of brushing their teeth properly. Why not make a weekly calendar that comes with a reward if they brush their teeth well without complaints for a specific period of days?

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5. Dance and brush

There are several apps that will provide you and your kids with music to dance around the bathroom to as you brush (just make sure they're still taking care with their brushing technique!) When the music stops - you've brushed your teeth for long enough. In fact, Aquafresh has a brilliant 'Brush Time' app, which shows kids a fun way to brush all parts of their teeth correctly using catchy songs and dances.

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6. Let them choose their new toothbrush

Your kids might feel more invested in brushing their teeth if they get to choose their own fun, colourful toothbrush. Aquafresh have plenty to choose from, so why not let them take ownership of their toothbrush and feel proud of it?

Credit: Aquafresh

7. Make it a friendly competition

If you have more than one child, they can compete against each other - or your child can compete against you! Introducing some healthy competition into the mix will encourage your kids to do an excellent job of brushing their teeth and make it far more interesting for them.

A toothbrush and toothpaste Credit: Pexels

Hopefully, these fun hacks and games have given you some ideas that you can put into practice with your kids next time they're complaining about brushing their teeth.

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