25 Pictures That Will Make You Wonder Whether Having Kids Was Such A Good Idea After All

25 Pictures That Will Make You Wonder Whether Having Kids Was Such A Good Idea After All

Parenting is one of the most simultaneously rewarding yet difficult jobs in the world. From the moment your little bundle of joy makes their dramatic entrance into the world, your life is forever changed. The love a parent feels for their child is unparalleled, and the rush of joy you feel when your baby hits life's all-important milestones makes the difficult times worth it.

And let's face it, there are a lot of difficult times. If you're a working parent, you could have to contend with spending your days bleary-eyed at the office, having stayed up most of the night with your teething toddler - and that's not to mention the mischief children can cause when they decide to "decorate" your $800 sofa with permanent marker pens. So, in the spirit of celebrating the highs and lows of parenting, here are 25 pictures that portray the crazy reality of raising a child...

1. Sometimes, being a parent requires becoming a kid again

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Now that's what I call #fatherdaughtergoals.

2. Toddlers will sleep anywhere

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And you're just glad that they're not running around for a few hours - even if that means having their butt on your face.

3. Playing dress up

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Aren't they both adorable?!

4. Multitasking

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"Sure you can paint daddy's nails, as long as you let him play his video games in peace."

5. Draw on the walls, draw on the dog...

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Oh dear. I hope that good boy was taken to the groomers for the clean he needed!

6. The creativity of some parents is of the charts

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Dads will do anything to please their little girls.

7. Getting a nice family picture can feel like an impossible task

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That mom's face really does say it all.

8. If your kid wants to be a tattooist, you're their canvas

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Someone give this guy a medal.

9. Parents have no feelings as far as their kids are concerned

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Case in point, this picture. Maybe he thinks his dad is yet another toy to play with?

10. A hairdresser in the making

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A dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do.

11. There are no words for this

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A moment of silence for this kid's parents and their Sudocrem TV.

12. Anything is worth a little bit of me time

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Even if it means having a sore neck for the rest of your flight.

13. Talk about getting stopped in your tracks

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At least he doesn't look too upset about his predicament.

14. Baby puke is an occupational hazard

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We can only hope this mom's jumper isn't too expensive.

15. When mom's out, dad will be a model too

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Personally, I think he looks ravishing.

16. Um... Someone should tell her that's not how toilets work

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Potty training is a trying time for all involved.

17. Playtime is more fun when parents get involved

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Especially if they're wearing a shirt as awesome as this one.

18. Let it snow!

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Oh, wait. I see it now. Let it flour, I guess?

19. Leave young children alone at your own peril

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I don't think she's going to be crowned World's Best Big Sister...

20. Toilet? drawer? Same thing

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But hey, maybe this kid put his parents' unwanted tax bill in there as well.

21. If your kid doesn't look like this, did they even enjoy their meal?

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When it comes to baby dinners, the more mess, the better.

22. Baby fights can be unexpectedly brutal

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Can you imagine the fights these two are going to have when they get bigger? I dread to think.

23. With enough imagination, anything is possible

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Kids can even turn themselves into superheroes using just their mom's jumper.

24. Bad behavior or curiosity? 

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I'll let you decide.

25. Murderous baby

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Baptism of fire... I mean, tiny hands.

The crazy reality of parenting is a challenge, to say the least, but as these 25 pictures demonstrate, we parents certainly have fun documenting it too. And even more fun when we use pictures like these to embarrass our kids when they're older!