25 Disney-Themed Products Will Transform Your Home Into The Magic Kingdom

25 Disney-Themed Products Will Transform Your Home Into The Magic Kingdom

Disney is the animated powerhouse that's been entertaining generation after generation with its beloved characters and stories since 1923. And while the movies are wonderful in their own right, anyone who has ever visited a Disney park will attest to the fact that it's called the Happiest Place on Earth for a reason.

Sadly, however, even with a season pass, you can't spend all day every day there, which is were Disney products come into their own. From kitchen utensils to decor, just about everything you could want in the homeware department is available in a Disney theme, and we've compiled a list of 25 of the best items!

1. This Mickey Mouse waffle maker

Credit: Amazon

Talk about sunny side up, eh? Add a strawberry bow and you can make a tasty Minnie Mouse too!

Review: "Waffles came out great! Tip: Heat oven to 200 degrees and put a cookie sheet in the oven. As you make the waffles, place them one at a time on the cookie sheet to keep them warm until serving." - Erin Morrison

Available on Amazon for $29.99. It's a steal too as it was originally priced $39.99!

2. A Magic Kingdom pillow map

Credit: Esty

Because sadly you can't be at Disney all the time...

Available in four sizes on Esty from Daisy Mae Designs in prices starting from $22.

3. This book of Disney facts

Credit: Amazon

Your friend who has visited all six Disney parks might think that they know everything, but they probably don't... Impress them with your trivia knowledge from this book!

Review: "I bought this book in hopes of learning something new, and I'm so glad I did. I'm a Disney fanatic through and through. I love Walt Disney World and go as often as I can. I pride myself on knowing and researching hidden gems, items, and things at Disney. This book? Far outshines my knowledge. We have 20 more things to see/find on our next trip." - Pookie_Lee

If you want to increase your Disney knowledge too, it's available for free on Kindle Unlimited or $11.81 in paperback.

4. Mickey-shaped sandwich cutters

Credit: Amazon

The perfect treat for kids young and old! Ideal for making French toast with a hint of Disney magic.

Review: "My two boys have been caught up in Mickey Mouse madness lately and these cookie cutters have made their sandwich days all the more fun since they can use these things themselves to make Mickey Mouse shapes out of anything put in front of them!! FUN!! Sturdy enough to last in the hands of a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old!" - Mr. Lan

Get one for your kids - or, y'know, yourself - on Amazon for $8.99.

5. A Disney doormat

Credit: Esty

Well, your own little slice of the Magic Kingdom does need an impressive entrance.

Available in three sizes from Sweet JJ Designs on Etsy for $27+.

6. This Disney dog bed

Credit: Amazon

Disney isn't just for us humans, it's for our four-legged friends too.

So treat your own Pluto to this bed for $39.67 on Amazon.

7. The Disney Princess Cookbook

Credit: Amazon

Trust Merida to have sprouts in her pot!

Review: "Nice big book, my 8-year-old daughter loves it! And it's very well-priced. The recipes are simple but very cute, easy to read, and it has lots of the Disney princesses showing you how they make the food. It's also beautifully illustrated and nicely made. It doesn't look or feel cheap. Very well written with easy instructions for the recipes as well to help a child learn." - Shernks

Available in hardback from Amazon for $12.50.

8. A Pixar popcorn maker

Credit: Amazon

Satisfy your monstrous love of popcorn and make Sully proud.

Review: "Couldn’t resist the adorable outside. Purchased to make popcorn in my pre-school classroom — it is one of my favorite purchases! Kids LOVE watching the popcorn pop inside, and the outside doesn’t get too hot. Popcorn is delicious and doesn’t burn. We are really enjoying it!" - msmelly

It can be yours for $30.64 on Amazon.

9. An inflatable movie screen

Credit: Amazon

Shut up and take my money!

Review: "This a wonderful and fun movie screen. I got this for my spring picnic and it's fun to watch Disney movies on it, (though any movie can be shown, of course). It's nice to make a little kid area in the backyard to show fun, animated films. It reminds me of watching movies on the beach in Walt Disney World. It's super easy to set up and take down. As a Disney lover, I love that it's Mickey-themed. I haven't had any issues or complaints yet. You do need a projector, which is not included." - AmandaGal

Okay, this one is on the pricer side, but I'm sure you'll agree it's worth it. Available on Amazon for $266.10.

10. A Blueprint of Cinderella's castle

Credit: Amazon

This is great for any grownup Disney fans who're looking to subtly incorporate their love of the franchise into their decor.

Available for $12.99 on Amazon.

11. A Mickey Mouse clock

Credit: Amazon

Because it's always the perfect time for a Disney movie. Just remember that the clock needs one AA battery, which isn't included.

Review: "Came carefully protected in two layers of bubble wrap. Very light, so it's easy to hang. Seems to be keeping accurate time so far. Got the black one for my Mickey ear-themed classroom. LOVE it!!! Super cute!" - Amazon Customer

And don't worry if black isn't your color, there are five color options to chose from for $13.49+ on Amazon.

12. A Mickey Mouse pop cake maker

Credit: Amazon

Don't these look delicious? Perfect if you're planning a Disney movie night or a party!

Review: "What a cute little machine. It makes four pops at a time, and they only take about three minutes to bake. It comes with all you need to start popping: machine, a piping bag fitted with a tip to pour the batter in, and pop sticks. The pops are kind of small, but just eat two instead of one!!! So much fun! I made a bouquet for my son's teacher as my first project! After baking, I just removed any of the extra by cutting it away. Perfect little Mickeys and Minnies." - Vianney Luna

Available on Amazon for $14.99.

13. Ready-made Disney cake pops

Credit: Esty

Yeah, you can be lazy and still have Disney cake pop fun!

These delicious looking cake pops are available from Nibblerz on Etsy for $36.

14. A 2019 Disney wall calendar

Credit: Amazon

Aren't those pictures gorgeous?

Available on Amazon for $10.94.

15. Disney Pictopia

Credit: Amazon

This is another fun Disney item that's available for a reduced price and it can be yours for $17.99 - despite originally costing $22.99. Fun for all the family!

16. A Disney subscription box

Credit: Cratejoy

Want to taste the latest Disney snacks but can't go to the parks themselves? No matter. You can get the best treats from the parks delivered straight to your door with this subscription box.

Available in three different sizes from Cratebox in prices starting from $30/month.

17. A Disney slow cooker and dipper set

Credit: Amazon

Awesome looking, and if the review below is anything to go by, very functional too!

Review: "This slow cooker set is wonderful! The large cooker works great! I made a big pot of chili in it and it came out just as it does in my Hamilton Beach cooker. The little cooker has no setting range, just on or off. That's fine since it's just a warmer. It's worked great for keeping gravy hot, and could be used for dips. And both pots are really cute!" - Jmaynard

This is yet another item that comes with a saving and is available for $42.15 (originally $44.99) on Amazon.

18. A Disney countdown block set

Credit: Esty

So you'll know how many days it is until you can go to the real Magic Kingdom!

Available for $16.50+ from CaneySpringsCrafts on Etsy.

19. A Disney bath box set

Credit: ShopDisney

Disney hotels come with their own unique bath products, and if you happen to fall in love with them on vacation, don't worry about trying to stockpile them before you leave the hotel, they are available for purchase!

Simply visit the ShopDisey and they can be yours for $50.

20. This Disney shower curtain

Credit: Amazon

Now that's one way to add some fun to your bathroom!

Review: "I love this shower curtain. We are huge Mickey and Minnie fans in our house and this was perfect in our Disney-themed bathroom. The colors are vibrant, the shower curtain is very high-quality, and the picture of Mickey and Minnie at the bottom is absolutely adorable. I'm really glad we purchased it. I would recommend this to any Disney lover with a playful side as it brightens up my day just to see it in our bathroom." - Erin U

Available on Amazon for $26.99.

21. Wooden letters in the Disney font

Credit: Esty

These are ideal for the front of your Disney loving kid's bedrooms!

Available for $1.36/letter from Crafted Hearts on Etsy.

22. A Mickey Mouse-two slice toaster

Credit: Amazon

Review: "Was skeptical about whether the Mickey ears were going to be discernible on the toast, but was pleasantly surprised. Bought this for my mom, (a true Disney fanatic), and she loves it." - BW

Available on Amazon for $19.49.

23. A Disney projectable night-light

Credit: Amazon

This is ideal for any young Disney fans who struggle to fall asleep in the dark! Simultaneously comforting and magical.

Review: "We bought this for our 4-year-old who of course is Disney princess obsessed. It's a great night-light - not too dark, but not too light that it overwhelms and makes it hard for her to sleep. She loves being able to pick one princess for the night and it's easy to change them. Also, the ability to angle it is great as well so you can have it on the ceiling or the wall." - Kimberry Massey

Incredibly, the light is available at a very reasonable price and costs just  $14.03 (reduced from $16.19).

24. A Mickey color block cubby

Credit: ShopDisney

This is a great idea for keeping all your nick nacks in the one place - and, as I'm sure you'll agree, looks very stylish to boot!

Available from ShopDisney for $899 - but hey, it's a saving as it used to be $1,399!

25. A 3D Mickey Mouse lamp

Credit: Amazon

How cool does this look? A guaranteed winner for any Disney fans who're also into tech/sci-fi!

Available on Amazon for the surprisingly reasonable price of $18.98.

So, have any of these Disney homeware items taken your fancy? One thing's for sure, with enough determination, you can easily turn your home into your own little Magic Kingdom!