20 Parents Who Never Fail To Give Their Bratty Kids The Reality Check They Deserve

20 Parents Who Never Fail To Give Their Bratty Kids The Reality Check They Deserve

Parenting is one of the most serious jobs in the world, but it's also one of the most rewarding. This is especially the case when your kids are little and reliant on you to meet their every need. When they fall sick, for example, you may find yourself taking an impromptu day off work to care for them, and when someone else puts a less than savory idea into their head, you need to deal with the backlash (God bless my mom for fighting to have me believe in Santa for as long as possible).

And while there's no doubt that there are real and serious stresses to contend with, being a parent is also a lot of fun. You have, after all, got a little mini-me, and given how serious you have to be most of the time, when you spot an opportunity for a little light humor, most parents grab it with both hands. Case in point, these 20 parents who've brilliantly trolled their kids.

1. This dad who was willing to make himself look stupid to teach his daughters a lesson

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Oh well. At least it wasn't a mini skirt!

2. If you miss this mom's curfew, you're going to seriously regret it...

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Seriously though, I wish kids knew how much missing curfew stressed out their parents. It's there for a reason!

3. No one is going to mess with this girl with a dad like that

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In his defense, he's just got her best interests at heart. Who's gonna mess around with his daughter now?

4. This kid asked his parents for "cold, hard cash" for his birthday

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Well... he did get what he asked for, but I'm guessing he'd have preferred it in a card.

5. This mom who made a sign to teach her kids the value of hard work

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This is why I don't spoil my son. He won't have anything to work for in life if I give him too much.

6. "There's an escaped murderer near where I live, so I texted my parents to see if they are ok, they sent me this..."

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Sometimes you've got to make light of a bad situation.

7. These seriously sassy parents

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Proof that a relationship can still be fun after 41 years of marriage.

8. This girl sent her parents a picture of her and her boyfriend at Disneyworld. This was their response. 

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If you can't beat em, join em.

9. Priorities

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Sometimes, it's okay not to put your kids first. (Also, imagine knowing your first birthday was actually worse than Ghostbusters II?!)

10. This mom who ran out of frames

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This is one way of letting your son know he's your Prince Charming.

11. This mom who came up with the ultimate graduation game

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Because let's face it, those long ceremonies are boring, even if you are the proudest parent in the world.

12. The mom who got the tooth fairy to do her dirty work

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Talk about a genius way to get your kid to clean their room.

13. Bad or brilliant parenting?

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I'll let you decide.

14. This dad who keeps trolling his son on Facebook

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Well, they do say like father like son, eh?!

15. This dad was more than ready to meet her daughter's new boyfriend

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Let's just hope he saw the funny side to this shirt...

16. Happy 25th Birthday Keith!

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Now can you politely fly the nest?

17. The parents who decided to call their daughter this...

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To be fair, if I had that surname, I'd have probably done the same thing.

18. This dad who came prepared to embarrass his daughter

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In his defense, I'd need a flashlight to properly shop in Hollister too.

19. There are no words for these parents. 

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Apart from maybe legends. Those old women's faces really say it all.

20. After her 13-year-old son kept losing his key, his mom got him this...

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It's the purrfect solution.

So there you have it - 20 parents who've epically proven that sometimes humor is the key to doing an otherwise serious job brilliantly. And, as some of these pictures demonstrate, it can help you get across some pretty important points too!