15 Moms Who Love Nothing More Than To Get A Laugh Out Of Their Kids

15 Moms Who Love Nothing More Than To Get A Laugh Out Of Their Kids

The best kinds of mums are the ones who have got the balance between being a disciplinarian and being a mum you can have a laugh with just right. Because as much as we need someone to keep our questionable behaviour in check, we also need a mum we can poke fun at, and one who will do the same back. I'm talking everything from playing practical jokes on each other to keeping up a witty text message exchange with your ma.

As it turns out, there are plenty of people who appreciate having a mother who will always unabashedly be their hilarious, adorable and sometimes outrageous selves. In fact, Twitter users up and down the country are sharing funny things their own mums have either said or done, and they're pretty amazing.

1. Your mum isn't wrong...

Credit: Twitter / @Coach_Wilson6

No pooch has ever resembled a tater tot more.

2. A bathtub fit for a queen

Credit: Twitter / @WallsRunIntoMe

Why is this kid even complaining - I wish my mum was this extra.

3. Never question a mother on how she chooses to style her dog

Credit: Twitter / @rubyymaee

She knows what she's doing.

4. Dogs are basically babies

Credit: Twitter / @Vaishnavioffl

Sweet dreams, pup!

5. If she's never had a texting mishap, is she even your mum?

Credit: Twitter / @AustintatiousT

Still, could have been worse.

6. Savage but who can blame her?

Credit: Twitter / @Namastaywoke

Certainly not me - she deserves all the credit.

7. Good on you, mum!

Credit: Twitter / @AdelaineMorin

This should be everyone as a mum.

8. The best text you can receive as a parent

Credit: Twitter / @LAPIDOT

Every parent wants regular contact with their kid even when they're a grownup.

9. Parents aren't as gullible as we think they are

Credit: Twitter / @millselle

So think twice before playing a trick on them, it might just backfire on you.

10. There's probably some kind of logic to this

Credit: Imgur

But let's face it; mums don't have to be logical because they're always right. Literally always.

11. Not all mums are clued up on emojis

Credit: Imgur

This mum has a lot of learning to do.

12. It's totally normal for a mum to refer to her kid as "b*tch", right?

Credit: Imgur

Nothing strange about that. Nothing at all.

13. It's not mum that's getting all up in your business...

Credit: Imgur

...it's totally the cat.

14. A lovely, little warning from mum

Credit: Pinterest

What would we do without our precious mothers?

15. What every mother should do

Credit: Tumblr

That'll teach you not to get lost in the parking lot.

So there you have it. Let it not be said that mothers - in fact, any parent - don't have one hell of a sense of humour.