15 Clever Ways To Repurpose Leftover Wooden Crates For A Rustic Chic Look

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Mar 20, 20195 mins

15 Clever Ways To Repurpose Leftover Wooden Crates For A Rustic Chic Look

If you happen to be a creative person looking for a brand new DIY project to work on, then look no further. There are plenty of nifty items and pieces of furniture you can make out of a few simple wooden crates.

You really can turn them into pretty much anything, including (but certainly not limited to) tables, bookcases, and stools. And not only are these DIYs incredibly useful, but they can also contribute to your overall home décor, leaving your home with either a chic, vintage or rustic look.

Plus, these inexpensive craft projects are fairly simple to go about, considering how easy the wood is to stain or paint over. To save on costs, you can request for leftover wood crates at groceries stores, warehouse stores, home improvement stores, and liquor stores entirely for free. Or failing that you can also find low-cost crates available in a range of sizes at the following craft stores: Hobby Lobby, Michaels Craft Store and Jo-Ann Fabric.

Here are some of the most creative ways you can put your wood crates to good use:

1. Stained coffee table 

Credit: myanythingandeverything.com

Additional features: wheels and storage gap in the center.

2. Shoe storage rack

Credit: smartschoolhouse.com

2. DIY Storage bench

Credit: hometalk.com

Additional features: extra boards for extra support, supportive bolts.

3. Cute storage crate

Credit: beatrice4273.canalblog.com

Additional features: découpage interior, floral wallpaper, paint.

4. DIY desk

Credit: upcycled-wonders.com

Additional features: metal brackets, lightly distressed wood.

5. Toy car storage crate

Credit: frugalfun4boys.com

Additional features: mailing tubes, poster board, strip of pine for parking sign.

6. Colourful cubbies

Credit: theverden.blogspot.hu

Additional features: paints of various colours.

7. Storage stool

Credit: jenniferdecorates.com

Additional features: plywood for the base, batting and upholstery fabric.

8. Multipurpose rolling shelf

Credit: diyandcraftsdecoration.com

Additional features: blue wash, wood pallet for the top, caster wheels.

9. Wood crate toy box

Credit: addicted2diy.com

Additional features: pulls and wheels, stencil-formed patterns.

10. DIY wooden crate pet bed

Credit: home-frosting.blogspot.hu

Additional features: steel wool and vinegar to create a vintage look, stencils for pet's name.

11. Chic side table

Credit: ehow.com

Additional features: stained dowel legs.

12. Stackable shelves

Credit: aimee-weaver.blogspot.hu

Additional features: metal brackets and spray paint.

13. Bits and bobs crate

Credit: kammyskorner.com

Additional features: "key" in stencil, iron nails.

14. Wine rack

Credit: myanythingandeverything.com

Additional features: leftover boards, Minwax classic gray stain.

15. Storage crates for bed

Credit: 99pallets.com

So what are you waiting for? Get to work and create the best possible piece of furniture you can muster out of little more than a wood crate.


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