40 Ingenious Parenting Hacks That Have Been Tested And Approved By Real Moms And Dads

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40 Ingenious Parenting Hacks That Have Been Tested And Approved By Real Moms And Dads

There is absolutely no denying that parenting is one of the most demanding jobs there is. You may not get paid for popping out a few rugrats and then raising and nurturing them to become decent, well-rounded members of society. But that doesn't make the work you put into taking care of them any less challenging and worthy of the utmost respect. That's why all parents need as much help as they can get when it comes to looking after their vulnerable, little sprogs!

I don't necessarily mean an extra pair of hands or a vacation - although these can certainly be a huge help. I'm thinking more along the lines of the following incredibly genius hacks. Most moms and dads have yet to discover these tips and tricks, but they will make your life so much easier without you having to scrimp on your all-important parenting duties.

1. Get your baby to remain asleep even when you're not holding them

Credit: Reddit / @FreddyJackson69

If you fill a glove with beans and lay it on your infant's chest or back, they will be tricked into believing they are still being held by their loving, protective parent.

2. A full-proof method of getting your kids to take their medicine

Credit: Instagram / @billygoatbabygear

Kids may be reluctant to take any medicine, but they're rarely reluctant to accept a yummy, little lollypop.

3. Prevent shampoo getting in your little one's eyes with this trusty hat

Credit: Amazon

Their delicate eyes will be stung no more.

4. Use a rubber band to prevent your kids from getting locked in the bathroom

Credit: Source Unknown

Some kids (well, not just kids) freak out when locked in confined spaces. Well, now there's simply no need.

5. Need to find some lost items in the house? Just turn it into a game

Credit: Instagram / @ruby1508

You'd be killing two birds with one stone (or perhaps multiple birds, depending on how many items they manage to find)!

6. Take a photo of your kid wearing an oversized t-shirt every year to document their growth till college

Credit: Source Unknown

Eventually, it should fit like a glove (or, well, a t-shirt).

7. Untangle Barbie's hair using nothing more than conditioner and washing up liquid 

Credit: makingitfeellikehome.blogspot.com

It really works - Barbie's hair will be back to its glossy, flowing self in no time at all.

8. Prevent your kid's popsicle from making a mess by using a coffee cup lid

Credit: Source Unkown

That way, you won't have to spend what must feel like an age cleaning them up after they're done.

9. Create a hammock for your child with a table and a bed sheet

Credit: joyfulabode.com

Looks temptingly relaxing. I could probably do with one of those...

10. Turn chores into a fun game

Credit: Source Unknown

It's easy - just ask Mary Poppins. "For every job that must be done," she famously said. "There is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap the job's a game."

11. Many kids have troubles with their "left and right"

Credit: onecreativehousewife.com

So help them out a little by putting stickers in as a signpost.

12. Color-code the clock to give them a bit of routine

Credit: Source Unknown

If you want a household that is run efficiently, then meticulous planning is your best bet.

13. Allow your kids to use their creativity without taking it out on the walls

Credit: berrysweetbaby.blogspot.com

Who knows, they could end up being the next Da Vinci one day? And who would they have to thank for that? You!

14. The best way to hide candy from your sneaky kids

Credit: Source Unknown

It's the last place they would check!

15. When you don't need your kid's old crib anymore, turn it into a cute, little desk

Credit: alittlelearningfortwo.blogspot.lt

Why bother throwing things away when you can use them for something else?

16. Use a bedsheet to stop your baby from getting covered in sand at the beach

Credit: teamjohnson1.blogspot.com

Because we all know how annoying it can be getting sand out of all your belongings, including your kids.

17. Is your toddler in need of entertainment? Get them to help out with the "painting"

Credit: Instagram / @macshona

They'll have a fun activity to occupy themselves with and feel a sense of accomplishment to boot!

18. If you're a parent with dreadlocks, then this one's for you

Credit: Reddit / @Decestor

While they're on your shoulders, secure them with your dreadlocks so they can see better at a concert.

19. Yet another way to trick your kid into taking their medicine

Credit: Reddit / @bsurfn2day

It's not lying if it's for their own good...

20. If your kids won't stop messing around with each other at the back of the car, separate them with cardboard

Credit: Facebook / Jake White

And henceforth enjoy a relaxing, tranquil car journey.

21. Dress your kids in exactly the same color so you won't lose them

Credit: Instagram / @brandi.marie.e

It'd be like them having their own uniform - kind of like the Von Trapp children.

22. You can anticipate all their little schemes, tricks, and pranks

Credit: Twitter / @RHairing

They won't see what's coming!

23. A sorting game to keep the little ones occupied

Credit: Instagram / @texaflora

Kids really are easily entertained, aren't they?

24. Trick your kids into thinking they're eating fries...

Credit: Instagram / @eastcoastveganvibes

... when really it's just an apple slice into thin pieces.

25. Create a race track for your kid's toy cars

Credit: Instagram / @tmccrum_mua

They'll be glued to the floor for hours.

26. Note down your dosages on your medicine to ensure you're always taking the correct amount

Credit: Instagram / @alanacvalentine

When you have your kids to tend to, mistakes are easy to make.

27. If you've got chores to be getting on with then, just entertain your baby with the washing machine

Credit: Instagram / @smartytots

Like I said, babies are very easily entertained.

28. When you haven't got the right tools, you have to be practical

Credit: Reddit / @malleeman

This dad didn't have a highchair for his baby so he improvised.

29. "Accidents" are a thing of the past

Credit: ahavenofchaos.com

Kids can't easily control their bladders like adults can so your best bet is to take a potty and diapers with you everywhere.

30. Place shower caps on the wheels of your stroller to keep them as clean as possible

Credit: YouTube

I mean, you're going to be schlepping that thing around for a while, so you may as well cherish it.

31. "My toddler was busy for over 30 minutes playing with these window stickers on the plane. Easy to pack, fun for them, and cheap!"

Credit: Instagram / @teachermama1138

Flights can be tedious for little kids, so a few little stickers can go a long way.

32. "Although we tell our daughter to not run into parking lots, it doesn't mean she is going to listen. I bought this car magnet and it has been a miracle worker. She loves keeping her hand on the bright colors while waiting for mom and will try so hard to match her fingers to the magnets."

Credit: Instagram / @raleighmomscare

Safety first!

33. "I took a rectangle-shaped Tupperware and we made 'snow blocks' for an 'igloo'. My boys absolutely loved it."

Credit: Instagram / @michelle_ssb1

If the weather's freezing out, you might as well have fun with it.

34. This one's not so much useful as it is a potential lifesaver

Credit: Instagram / @mommyhacksofficial

Sometimes being overprotective really does pay.

35. Turn your tent into a sandpit to protect it from bad weather

Credit: YouTube / The Goonberry Tales

It's like their own little den.

36. Want to give your babies a bath but have no bathtub?

40 Ingenius Parenting Hacks Shared By Moms And Dads, For Moms And Dads

Problem sorted.

37. Because barbecues can be dangerous

Credit: Instagram / @ladbabyofficial

So lock that thing up and throw away the key - the barbecue stand, not the child.

38. Use something as mundane as the stairs to help your kids learn their timetables

Credit: Reddit / @1ItalianLurker

It's all about memory, to be honest.

39. How else would you be able to tell them apart?!

Credit: Bored Panda

Just as long as they don't literally refer to them as number one and number two.

40. Some call it manipulation, I call it genius

Credit: Twitter / @AnnieMcCarren

Come on, like you're not tempted to try this...

So there we have it: some of cleverest yet obscure parenting hacks the world has ever seen! Have you tried any of these? Did it work as you expected it to? Or have we missed any other genius hacks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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