11 Criminally Underrated Devices That Will Ensure Your Survival Wherever You Are In The World

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Nov 28, 20185 mins

11 Criminally Underrated Devices That Will Ensure Your Survival Wherever You Are In The World

It's safe to say that the modern world is obsessed with technology - and that's putting it mildly. Chances are that the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night is take a leisurely scroll through social media.

But, as we all know, despite its disadvantages, technology has transformed our world for the better, too. Writing as someone who has moved far away from their hometown, it's enabled me to keep in touch with my family in a way that wouldn't have been possible in the not so distant past - and, well, without medical tech, my mom would've met her maker years ago.

And, on the subject of tech being used to save lives, there's a number of handheld gadgets that could save our lives if we're unfortunate enough to end up in a perilous situation. So, before you book that once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world, or even step out your front door, you might want to rethink bringing that extra camera lens and opt for one of these gadgets instead...

1. A charming protector

Credit: @CAMP/y / Facebook

This is the perfect gadget for people who love to set up a tent in the great outdoors and make a campfire. This charming little owl is equipped with sensors that watch the parameters around your camp, enabling you to have a peaceful sleep, safe in the knowledge that CAMP/y will alert you to wild animals or people, a gas leak, a change of weather, and a number of other factors before they become a problem.

It can also electronically repel mosquitos from a 6-feet (2 m) radius.

2. A pocket slingshot

Credit: Brightside

When you're out in the wilderness, you have to fend for yourself in every way and that involves more than just fending off predators. You also need to get yourself something fresh to eat and if you're wanting to hunt small game on that round the world trip, the Pocket Shot is the gadget for you, allowing you to fire diverse projectiles from metal balls to stones or bolts.

3. An anti-attack ring

Credit: Go Guarded

It's no secret that when it comes to traveling alone - whether it be in the wilderness or even in a residential area - women are at a higher risk of attack than men. That's why the Go-Guarded anti-assault ring was invented, enabling wearers to use its jagged edge to fend off attackers and escape.

4. A self-propelled float lifesaver

Credit: @norasperformance / Facebook

Life rings have been around for a long time, but, until recently, one of their major flaws has been the fact that they have to be accurately thrown to a person flailing around in the water, and, if they aren't a strong swimmer, this can render them useless if they don't land close enough. The U-Safe, however, is a smart float with an electronic engine and remote control that can be steered towards a person needing help.

5. A shark repellent

Credit: @sharkbanz / Instagram

While shark attacks are nowhere near as common as the media would have you believe, they still happen - and the people who're most vulnerable to them are divers and surfers. Sharkbanz, however, is a bracelet, which, when turned on, will emit ultrasound signals that will mark you as an undesirable target for Jaws!

6. An alarm ring

Credit: @NimbRing / Facebook

"Nimb is your personal guardian angel," its creators say. So what is it? I hear you ask. Well, it's an alarm that you can discreetly set off at any time. You can send the signal to your loved ones' smartphones or to the emergency services. Needless to say, it has the potential to save the lives of people with chronic illnesses - and luckily, it looks quite stylish to boot.

7. A multifunctional key ring

Credit: @Swiss+Tech Products / YouTube

This keyring contains some seriously useful tools that have the potential to save your life in a sticky situation. It has nine tools including a hammer, a flashlight, a strap cutter, and an alarm beacon -although, hopefully, no one ever has to use them all!

8. An emergency beacon

Credit: @RescueMeBalloon / Twitter

Rescue Me Balloon can help mark the location of anyone in distress and it comes in a compact orange box that can be easily taken on any trip.

Simply tear off the cap to mark your location and an air balloon will rise up 150 ft (45 m) in the air. The device also functions at night because it contains a light ring that accumulates solar energy during the day. Genius!

9. An external antenna

Credit: @goTennaInc / Facebook

Have you ever been out in the countryside and blasted the fact that you've suddenly got no cell phone signal? Well, that doesn't have to be the case anymore thanks to the goTenna, which allows smartphone and tablet users to stay online even when other networks are out of use.

It works by creating a private network that will enable you to send messages and GPS coordinates thanks to low-frequency waves for up to 50 miles (80 km).

10. A universal water filter

Credit: @SawyerProducts / Facebook

We only have two hands, so the amount of water we can keep on our person at all time is limited - something which can be deadly in remote locations. The Sawyer charcoal filter has solved this problem by making any water source safe to drink quickly, and its compact shape means you can either attach it to a bottle or drink directly from a source.

11. A venom extractor

Credit: @SawyerProducts / Facebook / @SawyerProducts / Vimeo

A nightmare situation for many explorers is getting bitten by a venomous snake and having no access to medical help. And the deeper people venture into certain regions, the higher the chances of this happening are. But now, the risk of explorers having their lives cut short in this way has been dramatically reduced by the invention of the Sawyer extractor pump kit.

So, will you be using any of these gadgets the next time you venture into the great outdoors? One thing's for sure, modern technology might have its pitfalls, but when it comes to keeping us safe, its advantages definitely outweigh its shortcomings!


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