Mum Begs All Parents To Watch 20-Second Video That 'Saved Her Daughter's Life'

Mum Begs All Parents To Watch 20-Second Video That 'Saved Her Daughter's Life'

This mum is imploring parents all over the world to watch a video she took of her daughter - saying it saved her little one's life.

Jade Rodford, a 30-year-old from Gravesend in Kent, took her daughter to the doctor's, who explained that Ella was suffering from a severe cold, but Rodford wasn't quite convinced. Sensing something wasn't right, she took a video of her young daughter back in November 2014 - a 20-second clip she says saved her life.

The video proved without doubt that Ella was in fact suffering from deadly sepsis, and speaking to Mirror Online, Jade is certain that without the video, her daughter would be dead.

Here's the video that saved Ella's life:

The mother of two explained that without the video, she was simply coming into the hospital with Ella having a high temperature, saying they would have sent her home otherwise. Ella had been ill for quite a while, and was staying with her mother when her condition began to seriously deteriorate.

Her skin began to break out in purple blotches, and Rodford decided to call 111 - the number for non-emergencies - where the operator told her the condition didn't quite warrant an ambulance, and that she thought Ella's condition wasn't that serious. At the hospital, she got a similar story, up until she showed them the video.

She was hooked up to intravenous drugs, and it took a 12-day stay in the hospital to help her recover from this very close shave. Rodford said that she shared her video so that other parents knew what to look for with sepsis, so they wouldn't go through the terror that she did with Ella.

Sepsis is a condition where the sufferer's immune system reacts disproportionately and toxically to an infection, and can often lead to death if left untreated.

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