'Mortified' Mom Takes To Facebook To Share The Reality Of Neglecting Your Mattress

'Mortified' Mom Takes To Facebook To Share The Reality Of Neglecting Your Mattress

When you take on the task of cleaning parts of your home that you had previously neglected - you will, more often than not, be confronted with an unthinkably large amount of dirt.

And that is particularly the case with household items that involve a great deal of body contact.

Much of the dirt and dust that accumulates in our homes is made up of dead skin cells. And so it follows that going years without giving your mattress will lead to it collecting an impossibly large amount of dirt.

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One Aussie mother who has firsthand experience of this shared her a helpful mattress-cleaning tip in the Australian Facebook group, Mums Who Clean.

It all started when the mum discovered a truly horrifying amount of dirt and dust when vacuuming her mattress for the first time in five years.

"I got the strangest look for vacuuming the mattress. Don't think he'll look at me like that again next time I do it. Absolutely mortified," she said. "Before joining MWC I don't think I would've ever thought to do it. Another tip-off this group to add to my cleaning routine."

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According to the woman, the vacuum cleaner she utilised (for what turned out to be a very demanding task) is the Hoover Challenger 3011 CD1006 - an effective and easy-to-use device that cost her only $149.

In just five minutes, she picked up a sizable amount of dirt without any of the attachments.

The photo she shared to the group features the mountain of dirt, made up of dust and numerous hairs.

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The woman used to keep the mattress protector off because she felt it was a lot more comfortable but following this alarming discovery, she assured the other members of the group that she will be "putting it back on".

The rest of the members were in awe at how much dust the woman had managed to remove during the painstaking clean-up.

"Are you honestly saying this came out of your mattress after you vacuumed it? If yes then oh my gosh," one woman responded.

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Many of the commenters spoke about how it had previously never occurred to them to vacuum their mattresses.

"Holey moley! I've never vacuumed my mattress. Maybe I will," one member commented.

"Neither have I, and now I'm terrified," another chimed in.

One group member said: "I haven't either, I'm scared to now. It amazes me how much dirt our bodies produce."