Meet The Woman Helping New Mom's To Combat Post-Partum Hair Loss

Meet The Woman Helping New Mom's To Combat Post-Partum Hair Loss

One of the key features of our appearance, regardless of gender, is hair. However, there's no doubt that while balding in men is socially accepted, in women, it's far from the norm - even though there are a lot of ladies out there who can rock a bald head and look beautiful. And because it's not generally deemed attractive, when a woman loses her hair, it can be devastating.

There are a number of factors which can contribute to hair loss - stress, chemotherapy and hormonal imbalances to name but a few. And one of the things which can lead to a hair loss inducing hormonal imbalance is pregnancy. This is because a number of hairs go into what's known as the "resting phase", a normal part of the hair loss cycle, which usually isn't permanent.

To see how many women are combating this problem, check out the video below:

For most women, their hair returns to its normal condition a few months after giving birth, and until then, many deal with this change in their appearance by wearing extensions to thicken their hair as it typically doesn't result in bald spots.

However, anyone who has ever worn extensions will attest to the fact that they're not the quick fix they initially appear to be. If you have them attached by a hairdresser, for example, they can cause the very problem they're meant to fix: hair loss.

Credit: Instagram / @amberfillerup

So after garnering a huge following when she started her blog in 2010, Amber Fillerup, who suffered from pregnancy hair loss herself, discovered that a lot of her followers had the same problem, and set out to help them deal with it effectively. 

Credit: Instagram / @amberfillerup

Amber did this by founding Barefoot Blonde Hair, a premium line of clip-in hair extensions which are available in various lengths and colors. They are also accompanied by tutorials which ensure that people use them correctly and don't damage their natural hair.

The line proved so popular that it sold out within 72 hours of its release and grossed $1 million of sales in its first year.

Credit: Amber Fillerup

In an interview with Forbes, Amber explained how she turned a personal problem into a solution that's helped millions.

Opening up about why she started Barefoot, Amber said: "It was a few things! One of the biggest was definitely all of the hair loss I experienced after having my babies, and how great it made me feel when I put in my extensions and instantly had thicker hair. It made me feel pretty, which is so important for a new mother as your body is experiencing so many changes."

"I wanted other women to feel that confidence boost. Being a mother is a full-time job, and I also noticed that my beauty routine needed to be quicker than it previously had been. I was really inspired to offer women simpler, faster solutions for hair extensions while still providing great results. This is why we launched our BFB Fill-ins and our BFB Up! They are perfect for anyone who wants great hair but needs to get ready in a hurry."


Amber was also asked what advice she has for new moms who face unexpected hurdles like hair loss:

"As a mother, I have really tried to just listen to my own intuition. I have so many outside voices telling me how I should parent and I really just want to listen to myself because no one knows my kids as well as I do. Whenever I am faced with challenges and don’t know the answer, I usually reach out to my sisters, sister-in-laws, mom, and close friends for advice. Really anyone who I know has mine and my kid's best interest at heart."


As we all know, being a mom is no mean feat and Amber said that she was able to balance being a businesswoman with motherhood because she's going something that she genuinely enjoys.

"I really couldn't do it all if I wasn't incredibly passionate about what I am doing. So I think the most important thing is finding something that doesn't feel like work. Whenever I get free time to myself I usually pull out my computer and work on my projects because that is what I genuinely enjoy. It is also really important to delegate tasks that are eating up too much of your time. That was one of the hardest things for me to learn to do, and looking back I worked for too many years without a team."


"Once you put in the effort to build a team it makes all the difference. It is a combination of my husband being so supportive and involved, having a great team to help me and being able to have a flexible schedule. Because I am the owner I am able to have more flexibility, so I often spend the days with my kids and work at night when they are asleep."

Credit: Instagram / @amberfillerup

In a world where appearances are valued more than ever before, even in light of the body positivity movement, there's no doubt that Amber's business is helping many women to live their best lives. But I think it's worth stressing that even women suffering from hair loss are beautiful, regardless of what they chose to do with their hair or lack thereof!

If you're a fan of Amber and like the look of the extensions featured in this article, they're available for purchase on her website.