Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts That Your Secret Santa Will Actually Appreciate

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts That Your Secret Santa Will Actually Appreciate

It doesn't matter how organized you are, at Christmas, there is never enough time to get everything done. Inevitably, the festive chaos will have you forget something important. Whether it be remembering to buy enough mince pies or forgetting to make your child a costume for their starring role in the school Christmas play, we have all been there.

But whilst these incidents may be easily rectified (every parent by now knows how to knock up a shepherd costume at last minute) there are some slips of the mind that are rather unforgivable. For example, forgetting to get someone a present.

Of course, Christmas isn't all about the gifts. However, when somebody has done something significant for you throughout the year (watched your cats whilst you went on vacation, picked up your kids from school that one time you got stuck in traffic, etc) it's important to show them that you appreciate their help - and doing so needn't be expensive.

In fact, you can knock up a last-minute gift at a very purse-friendly price if you really put your mind to it. After all, nothing says 'I only remembered to get you this gift at the last minute' than a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. Make it personal, and make it yourself with these handy DIY gifts...


If the recipient of your gift has their own home, then you can't go wrong with a homeware item. Here are just a few ideas that are guaranteed to be appreciated...

A Candle Cup

Credit: Watch Me Craft

Not only does your recipient get a great candle to burn throughout the winter months, but when it's finished they also have a cute cup and saucer to keep!

A Colorful Ornament

It doesn't get much more personal than these pom-pom covered letters. It also doesn't get much cheaper, for all the materials can be bought for mere dollars at the craft store.

Credit: Maria Meredith

A Candid Candle

If you have taken a lot of photos with the recipient of your gift but are reluctant to give them yet another photo frame, why not try this cool candle concept. Not only will it look pretty and personal, but it will also be very practical!

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

A Personalized Chopping Board

We all have that friend who has been begging us to share a particular recipe with them. Be it your classic chocolate brownies, or even that delicious salad dressing. Well, now you can give it to them in a unique way by etching it onto a chopping board...

Credit: Etsy

Map It Out

You took a road trip with your friend and you want a unique way to document it. Well, why not try this super simple gift? You can personalize it in any way you wish to make it unique to your trip...

Credit: Martha Stewart

It's guaranteed to be a gift that will be treasured forever!


Children can be tricky to buy for at Christmas. Their interests change on a daily basis, so how can you get something they'll genuinely enjoy? Well, with these gifts there is no question that they'll remember them...

Hot Chocolate Reindeer

If you need to get a small token gift for your friend's children, why not make them festive reindeer hot chocolate pouches? They are sure to be a smash hit - for both the children and your bank balance!

Credit: Thirty Handmade Days

Build Your Own Fort

Children love to get creative and it doesn't get much more immersive than this 'Build Your Own Fort' kit. If you have some old bed sheets that you no longer want, this is a great way to dispose of them (after they've been thoroughly washed!)

You can get a majority of the components at the dollar store...

Credit: Pie Birds

Gingerbread House Kit

If you need to keep the kids busy at Christmas, why not give them a DIY gingerbread house kit? They can then decorate it how they wish and really get their creative juices flowing... whilst mommy and daddy get the mulled wine flowing!

Credit: Good Housekeeping

Chocolate Sleigh

You're driving to your family's house for Christmas and you realize that you haven't bought a gift for your cousin's daughter. Panic sets in. The only option is to stop at the gas station. But panic not as they'll have everything you need to make this cute gift...

Credit: Jack Heath Design

Cupcake Socks

Socks can be an underwhelming gift, unless they are properly presented. This box of 'cupcakes' is the perfect way to gift socks this Christmas...

Credit: Nice Treats For Baby

Build Your Own Ice-Cream Sundae

What do children love the most in the world? Ice-cream! So you'll be in favor when you give them this 'build your own ice-cream sundae' kit full of sugary goodies sure to send them bouncing off the walls...

Credit: Smashed Peas And Carrots


We all know somebody who is obsessed with chocolate. But it can be difficult to give a chocolate-themed gift without making it look like you didn't really try. However, these gifts all show careful thought and consideration whilst incorporating plenty of chocolate...

S'mores In A Box

Christmas time is all about being cozy, and it doesn't get much cozier than s'mores. These s'mores kit boxes make for a great stocking filler/small favor present...

Credit: Clear Bags Blog

Hot Chocolate Spoons

These spoons look incredibly impressive, which is deceiving as they're actually super simple to make and ridiculously cheap to put together...

Credit: The Kitchen Alchemist















You could also add a mug, just to help give the gift a little more bulk!

Break For Chocolate

We all know somebody who would break into this two minutes after opening it!

Credit: Etsy

Be careful to only add chocolate in wrappers, otherwise, you'll end up with glass in your gift. For example, filling it with M&M's would surely end in disaster.

Festive Oreos

Oreos are certainly Christmas appropriate snacks, especially when you dress them up to look like Christmas puddings! Pop the in a box and you have yourself a great gift!

Credit: Youtube / Nikki Mcwilliams

That's if you don't eat them all yourself!


Buying gifts for work colleagues can always be tricky, but it shouldn't be...

Movie Night Box

If you know a movie fanatic then this is a great gift, containing everything they could possibly need to have the perfect night by the television. Netflix and chill has never looked so good...

Credit: Flour On My Face

Tea Tree

We all have a colleague who drinks a tonne of tea. Well, rather than just getting them a standard box of tea bags, why not jazz them up into a tree...

Credit: Thirsty For Tea

Popsicle Bookmark

This sliding bookmark is great for those who love to read, but often get distracted! It's a simple gift that will fit any Secret Santa budget!

Credit: Onelmon

Letter Mug

Mugs are a practical gift for any colleague, and if you hand-decorate them they instantly become deeply personal and thoughtful.

Credit: Pinegate Road

You could even gift a personalized mug with a DIY chocolate spoon or tea tree!

Pedicure In A Jar

We all have a nail polish we have never opened in the back of our drawer, rather than throw it away, give it as a gift! Buy the rest of the pedicure equipment from the dollar store and you're good to go!

Spice Baubles

Make your own spice mixes and give them a festive twist with these cute baubles that you can easily get from the dollar store!

Credit: Sprinkle Some Fun

Whilst we can guarantee that your gifts will impress your friends and colleagues, we can't say you'll feel the same about the gift you receive!


Christmas is a time for festive frivolity, and as a result sales of alcoholic beverages sore! Here's how to make that bottle of plonk a little more personal...

Personalized Bottle

If you know the recipient of your gift adores gin, whiskey, or any other tipple, then you can likely find a seller on eBay who will personalize the label to say their name for a few bucks. Bargain!

Credit: eBay

Hand-Painted Glasses

You can buy glasses extremely cheap and then jazz them up with your own design ideas to make them extremely personal to the recipient - just make sure they don't put them in the dishwasher!

Credit: Pinterest

A Quick Tipple

Credit: Pinterest

If you need to get someone a small gift, this single shot alcohol kit is perfect and yet extremely adorable!

Coca-Cola Cuteness

If your recipient isn't a fan of alcohol, then you can always jazz up a crate of Coca-Cola bottles as a festive token.

Credit: Pinterest

Children will also love these reindeer bottles!


It can be difficult to know what to get for the grandparents. They likely already have everything they could possibly need. So why not try these homemade gifts...

Candle Art

Allow your kids to go wild with the crayons and Sharpie pens this Christmas with these thoughtful candles - which you can buy from the dollar store!

Credit: Red Ted ARt

Watercolor Wonder

This may look like it would take a great deal of skill, but in actual fact, it's incredibly simple to make a watercolor print if you know how to do it right.

Credit: Expert Home Tips

Homemade Apron

Grandmother's love to show off about their brood of grandchildren, so what better gift could they receive than this epic apron?

It will also make for a fun craft project for your children to partake in!