Mom Shares Genius Hack To Stop Kids From Using Phones And Encourage Tech-Free Fun

Mom Shares Genius Hack To Stop Kids From Using Phones And Encourage Tech-Free Fun

We are surrounded by more technology than ever before. And while even the youngest of us grownups will have gone through our early years when, at most, tech was still its infancy, that's never going to happen again.

From the moment children are old enough to realize what technology is, they will most likely want to play with it. And its dangers can't be overstated. Questions which would have once been reserved for mom and dad are now feverishly being typed into Google, giving young and influential people access to just about anything.

In short, it's a minefield. But if your children are on the younger side, there's a hack that could reduce the amount of interest they have in your phone and encourage them to have some good old fashioned tech-free fun.

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The hack was revealed on the Australian parenting website Mamamia.

All it involves is switching your phone or tablet to greyscale. Reportedly this change in color will make the devices instantly less appealing to young children.

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"Grayscale mode makes your phone less addicting. Go from bright and shiny to gray and calming," they said, British radio website Heart reports.

"It's like turning your favorite dessert into your least favorite vegetable."

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However, don't just take Mamamia's word for it. The hack's effectiveness has been praised by a number of parents.

"My kids' interest in my devices has also dropped dramatically!" wrote one mom.

"I think it's very effective for the scrolling and have made the shortcut so I can quickly turn back color to check my Whatsapp etc," added another.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn your phone to greyscale and encourage your kids to go back to a simpler, more imaginative time.