15 Hacks That'll Child-Proof Your Home And Make It Safer Than A Womb

15 Hacks That'll Child-Proof Your Home And Make It Safer Than A Womb

One of the biggest dangers to children is, unfortunately, their own home. Even with the best will in the world, kid-proofing your house can be a nightmare; just when you think you've got it covered, your little angel discovers another potential hazard. That's why we parents need to group together to keep household accidents to a minimum.

I'll never forget the horror on my mom's face when, at the age of three, I couldn't suppress my curiosity and pulled over a chair and put my hand straight on the glowing hob. The fact that I never ended up with permanent scarring is nothing short of a miracle, which is why, as a mom, I'd like to think I've got things covered in the home safety department.

Now, as much as I'd like to think of myself as a supermom (I mean, hubby got me a mug that says I am, so it must be true, right?), I didn't get to this point on my own. Oh-no. I had to scour the internet for the hacks I needed to kid-proof my house and to save you the trouble of doing it yourself, I've compiled a list of 15 of the best. Thank me later!

1. Store candy in old pill bottles.

Credit: Instagram / @herthreecents

Their child-proof caps will stop your little ones from having an impromptu feast (and ruining their teeth).

2. Keep your toilet bowl firmly shut with latches.

Credit: Instagram / @magicalmamablog

Kids and open water sources are never going to be a good combination.

3. Use yoga mat and pool noodles to keep your kid safe at night.

Credit: Instagram / @ashleymcfit95

They might be too big for a cot, but they might also need some help making the transition to a "grownup" bed.

4. Stop your kids from falling over with fabric paint that will make their socks no-slip.

Credit: Instagram / @paula.thanksmommy

Because no parent wants to end up in the emergency room with their kid.

5. Keep your wardrobe shut with an elastic band.

Credit: Instagram / @sweet.tooth.amber

Wardrobes, just like toilets, don't mix well with young children.

6. Don't have an elastic band? A scarf will do the same job.

Credit: Instagram / @brendabubbavannortwick

Keep your precious work documents safe from your kids' sticky hands.

7. Protect your Christmas tree with this brilliant hack.

Credit: Instagram / @farmhousecustomdesigns

Kids and Christmas trees mix like Christmas trees and cats. They don't.

8. When you're kids are table height, sharp edges are a real danger.

Credit: Instagram / @punkzdad

Luckily, all you need to make them safe is a humble tennis ball.

9. There are some locks kids aren't meant to open.

Credit: Instagram / @dollysheephome

So keep it that way and knit a door handle cover (or get grandma to do it for you)!

10. But for those doors that you want to keep open...

Credit: Instagram / @my.heartshome

Well, there's pool noodles. See? They can do a lot more than keep your kids afloat.

11. Fans are one of the biggest household dangers to kids.

Credit: Instagram / @janebernadette08

But you can easily change that with a well-placed hairnet.

12. Kid-proof the gaps in your stairs with books.

Credit: Instagram / @booksellersnz

The great thing about these kid proofing hacks is that you virtually need to buy nothing to implement them!

13. Keep your smaller drawers shut with wooden spoons.

Credit: Instagram / @boostventilator

You didn't think I'd give you a hack for wardrobes and not these pesky drawers too? Told you I had your back.

14. Use a mattress if you've not got a baby gate. 

Credit: Blogspot / @cassiascarano

It does exactly the same job and it won't cost you a penny.

15. Stop doors from locking with an elastic band.

Credit: Source Unknown

Simple and effective.

So the next time you hear a fellow parent complaining that their little angel has gotten into trouble around the house - point them in the direction of this list. And if you want to thank me for bestowing you with this invaluable information, share any kid-proofing hacks that I might have missed (sadly, I am not perfect) in the comments section!