Expert Reveals How To Make Cheap Christmas Decorations Look Expensive

Expert Reveals How To Make Cheap Christmas Decorations Look Expensive

If you're the kind of person who eagerly awaits Christmas every year, then you'll want to have the best Christmas decorations that money can buy. And when it comes to decorations, getting the perfect the tree is just the start. There are many other factors to be considered in the decorating process - the colour scheme, the spacing of your décor, and whether or not you're opting for a decadent Winter Wonderland look or a more understated "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" vibe.

Perhaps you've even had your eye on that fabulous Christmas décor adorning the homes of your favourite celebrities? Then again, if you're anything like me, it's likely that your budget doesn't stretch as far as your aspirations. If so, just know this: there is a way to have your Christmas decorations resemble those of an A-lister without having to shell out a fortune.

Credit: Designs Direct

Cindy Fuller, founder of Designs Direct, has shared her most helpful tips for finding festive products at the mall that look like they could have been purchased from the most expensive stores. And in an interview with Femail, she revealed how you only need to spend as little as $14 at the mall to give your home an extravagant makeover this holiday season.

Some of her initial tips include opting for modern shades such as pink and rose gold, rather than the more traditional reds and greens. You should also take a "less is more" approach in order to give your décor a pricier appearance.

So, without further ado, here are some of the high-end Christmas looks you can achieve with a modest budget!

1. The vintage look

Cindy is currently working on Designs Direct's new seasonal package which puts customers in touch with an expert who will create a look using their own existing decorations or brand new ones. But if you're taking care of your own Christmas decorations this year, you might want to go for a vintage-inspired look. It's a timeless classic which will give your home a very decadent aura - and can easily be recycled year after year. Plus, it only costs about $24 to achieve. Bargain.

Credit: Designs Direct

"Although this looks extravagant and quite heavy on the decorations and accessories, this look is achievable without breaking the bank," Cindy explained. "To re-create these cool tones, find silver bows for just [$2.50] at Accompany with a few snowflake tree decorations [$6.50] and some icy blue baubles from, where you can get 30 shatterproof baubles for [$15]," she said before adding, "Don't forget to accompany your tree with a garland."

Total cost: $24+ Garland

Decorating is hungry work. Here's how you can make the perfect pull-apart seasonal cupcakes: 

2. The Scandi chic look

The Scandi chic look is one of the trendiest forms of décor this year. Perfect if you've got a modern vibe in your sitting room and are wanting an equally up-to-date looking tree. I mean, aren't those frosted ribbons to die for?!

Credit: Designs Direct

"Its sparse style also has the added benefit of not requiring a huge budget for decorations," Cindy explained. "All you need is some metallic baubles like this assortment of 50 from Next for [$13], and some nice wooden decorations - you can get a pack of six for [$2.50] from Dunelm Mill. If you want to pair with a lantern candle holder, budget-friendly options much like this one are available at The Range for [$14]."

Total cost: $29.50

3. The pastel palette look

While pastels might not be considered traditionally Christmassy, light hues of blue and pink have connotations of comfort and femininity. They'll give your home a classier appearance than the one you would get with the harsh brightness of red.

Credit: Designs Direct

"This is a calm and gentle style that doesn't need to be overloaded as it's the colour that's key," Cindy explained. "You can find soft pink and rose gold baubles at, for only [$10] for a pack of 24. Pair with a few splashes of gold from where you'll find a pack of 50 mixed sized baubles for [$13]. Don't forget to coordinate your gift wrapping with your decoration just like this, so gifts become an extension of your tree. Ribbon looks luxurious but can be purchased inexpensively from retailers like and"

Total cost: $23

4. The glitz and gold look

Christmas is all about glitter and sparkle - although it's very easy to go overboard with it. However, if you're able to control yourself and keep it understated, then it will make your home look effortlessly sophisticated.

Credit: Designs Direct

"This golden tree is perfect if you are looking to make your home a bit more glamorous this Christmas," Cindy said. "Using different shades of gold and glitter baubles from and for [$10] and [$25] for 42 will ensure your tree has glitz and glamour. Add small decorations around your home, like a reindeer from where you can get a set of three for [$32]."

Total cost: $67

5. The wreaths and Christmas lights look

A wreath and some Christmas lights will give your home that special finishing touch in addition to your tree. Hang some Christmas lights around your windows to give your home an extra festive feel without breaking the bank.

Credit: Designs Direct has a huge range of fairy lights of varying colours and lengths starting at just about $3. And if a certain part of your home is looking a bit bare, why not add a wreath? You can buy some starting from just $13 from Wilkos.

Total cost: $16

6. The going all out with glamour

If you really want to give your home the ultimate festively-adorned look, focus on the heart of most living rooms - the dining table. Christmas dinner is, after all, arguably the highlight of the day itself (second only to presents, obviously).

Credit: Designs Direct

"Hang baubles from lights or anything else hanging low, and don't be afraid to mix warm and cool metallic like these blues, silvers, and golds," Cindy said. "You can find gold lights and decorations much like these from for [$13] and [$9]. Feathers - whatever the price ooze glamour and beautifully finish off festive displays, they can be found for a pretty penny at

Total cost: $22

Fuller continued:

"Having been an interior designer for many years and helped numerous clients over the festive period, I have found that most people want an alternative look to the customary red and green, while the traditional red and green still has its place, clients are looking for a something a little different."

"There is so much to choose from, such as blue and silver or pink and rose gold and many, many others. It's much easier nowadays to find exactly what you're looking for in the colour palette you desire. Personally, I prefer to keep it simple such as opting for white lights rather than coloured ones. It's easy to get caught up in the festivities and overdo the decorations."

"My motto during the seasonal holidays is 'less is definitely more'! If you feel that you have to go full throttle, do and then stand back and take a quarter of it away. It's a great time of year to be flamboyant but it can still be done with taste and style!"

Is your Christmas wrapping game poor? Check out the video below to improve it instantly:

"I also suggest to my clients if they are looking for decorations for their table, use linen napkins, and miniatures of Christmas items such as mini Christmas baubles, miniature wrapped presents, miniature trees. These items can be put on a piece of ribbon or string and look amazing tied around your beautiful linen or cotton napkins. It's the little touches that make all the difference."

"I also suggest, if time allows, making Christmas crafts with your children. Save your cardboard rolls from toilet paper or paper towels. These are the perfect size for crackers. You can purchase Christmas cracker kits or just the fillings such as hats, toys and jokes. It's fun and it gets the kids involved."

So there you have it - high-end Christmas that looks you can achieve with a modest budget! Has this list inspired you this December? Personally, I'm going to take some inspiration from the Scandi chic look and adorn my tree with silver ribbon instead of tinsel this year. Not only does it look very classy, but it won't create any extra vacuuming for me over the holidays!