26 Everyday Items With Incredible Functions Most People Have No Idea Exist

26 Everyday Items With Incredible Functions Most People Have No Idea Exist

Everyday objects really are what make out worlds go around. However, most of us aren't using them to their full potential. Have you ever wondered what those little raised sections on the F and J keys on your keyboard are for? Or perhaps the holes in your Converse sneakers? Well, you're about to find out.

It turns out that many of items that we use on a daily basis have hidden functions that, well, increase their functionality. In a world where most of us never have the time to do what really matters - that oh-so-precious 'me time', hanging out with loved ones, and of course, dancing with the Sandman - these are must-knows!

1. The bumps on your F and J keys

Credit: Business Insider

Unless you're reading this article on mobile, you'll be able to see them right now. So what are they for? I hear you ask. Well, if you went to type school, you'll know the answer: they allow you to type without looking at the keyboard.

2. The hole in airplane windows

Credit: Business Insider

Have you ever been disconcerted by the fact that there are holes in airplane windows? Well, they exist for two reasons. The first is to compensate for differences in air pressure, and the second is that it stops the window fogging over!

3. The cap of ballpoint pens

Credit: Business Insider

It's a bad habit that most of us can attest to indulging in at least once - chewing on pens. And if the lid happens to be on, it can pose a serious choking hazard. That's why there's a hole at the top in case the worst happens.

4. The black grating on your microwave

Credit: Stack Exchange

We all know it's there, but most of us have never actually stopped to wonder what its purpose is. The black grating is used to stop the rays from inside escaping, as much as we'd all like to watch our food as it cooks!

5. The raised part of a Tic Tac dispenser

Credit: Reddit

Yup, you guessed it. It's a Tic Tac holder!

6. The hole in pot handles

Credit: Imgur

Sometimes, leaving your wooden spoon in the pot with your simmering food can be a bad idea, but you don't have to take it out and leave it on your worktop. Simply place it in the specially designed handle holder instead!

7. The extra fabric and buttons that come with clothes

Credit: Scoop Woop

This one should be fairly obvious, but a lot of people simply pull this useful extra off with their tags and end up with a problem later down the line. It's so you can replace any buttons you lose, or, as the case may be, test the fabric with different detergents. No one wants to put their favorite jeans in the wash and get them back a different color!

8. The hole your spaghetti ladle

Credit: PopSugar

Sure, this can be used to train your spaghetti, but you can also use it to measure out enough pasta for one serving. Because, let's face it, when it comes to pasta, measuring out the right amount can feel like a nigh impossible task.

9. The metal section of your measuring tape

Credit: YouTube

This can be used to either hold the tape in place or to mark a soft surface without using a pencil. The more you know, eh?

10. The holes in your sneakers

Incredibly, these can be used to tie your laces tighter. Perfect if you're of the athletic persuasion!

11. The latch on gas pumps

Credit: OC Register

Without this latch, there's a risk that gas pumps could be left running when customers walk away. Thankfully, it acts as a trigger which stops this from happening.

12. The arrow on your gas gauge

Credit: All State

When you get a new car, it can be easy to forget what side your gas tank is on, but the arrow on the gauge actually points to it.

13. The small buttons on your jeans

Credit: Today Show

While these might look like small buttons, they're actually rivets (albeit nothing like the ones you find on ships!), and just like traditional rivets, they're what stop the weak points in your denim from loosening.

14. The curved edge of bobby pins

Credit: WikiHow

A little known fact is that most of us have been using bobby pins wrong our entire lives. The ridged edge is what keeps our hair in place, and when we are using them, it should be the side facing your scalp. Mind = blown.

15. The plastic disk in soda bottle caps

Credit: Ali Baba

This is actually a seal that stops the bottle cap from being popped off as a result of too much pressure. Okay, so knowing this won't make your life any easier, but it's a pretty nifty fact nonetheless (so don't just take them out and chew on them).

16. The tab in your soda can

Credit: Mix969

Your teeth will thank you if you do this. Seriously, no one wants a filling or worse - a root canal.

17. The end of toothpicks

Credit: Imgur

Hygiene is of the utmost importance when it comes to anything you put in your mouth, and the ridges at the top of toothpicks aren't just for decoration! They serve as holders to ensure that the top stays elevated and away from any dirt!

18. Your takeout box

Credit: Huffington Post / Food Beast

19. The small pocket in your jeans

Credit: Listin Maniac

This is one that you'll need to tell your hipster friends about. It was designed to hold pocket watches!

20. The 57 on your ketchup bottle

Credit: Go Social

A little known fact is that the number 57 on some ketchup bottles is what helps the sauce slide out faster!

21. The lid of your Starbucks cup

Credit: Imgur / Daily Mail

This will save any nagging from your office cleaner. The coaster on your Starbucks cup actually doubles as a coaster.

22. The spike in lids

Credit: Instagram

Have you ever noticed how some caps have a little spike on them? That's to help you open them. Simply use it to pierce the seal and voilà! This is a real time saver. No more hunting for a sharp object.

23. Removable headrests

Credit: PxHere

This is another item with a hidden function that could save a life should the worst happen. Removable headrests mean that people can get the help they need if they become trapped as a result of a car accident.

24. Double container yogurts

Credit: LifeBuzz

While you can use this however you want to, it was designed so that you could pour the topping onto your yogurt.

25. Converse Holes

Credit: The Sun

Nearly everybody I've ever met has owned a pair of Converse All Stars at one point or another, and nearly all of them have been left confused at the two holes at the side of the shoe. Well, they actually serve two functions.

Firstly, they help keep the sneaker ventilated, which, in turn, helps keep your feet cool. Secondly, they can be used to lace up the shoe in a different way. Check out the video below for a short tutorial:

Apparently - and take this with a pinch of salt - this lacing method helped basketball players plant their foot much more effectively.

26. Chopstick Solution

Credit: Source Unknown

Just like the toothpicks, the end of a pair of chopsticks can be snapped off and used as a rest for the sticks if the user decides to put them down. Genius!

What do you think of these hidden functions? Did you know about any of them already or did they all come as a surprise? But perhaps most importantly, are there any others we've missed out? Let us know in the comments section.