10 Heart-Warming Baby Shower Crafts Your Guests Will Absolutely Adore

10 Heart-Warming Baby Shower Crafts Your Guests Will Absolutely Adore

Baby showers are a terrific way of celebrating a mother-to-be, her pregnancy and her unborn child. The soon-to-be mother can get together with her friends and family and inject just a little bit more joy into what is already an exciting time. If you've never been to a baby shower before, well, they tend to involve a lot of games, food and, of course, the opening of the presents.

But, if you are planning to host a baby shower anytime soon, you might want to arrange some craft activities. You could get your guests to make something that will ultimately be both a useful and sentimental addition to the house once the baby arrives. Perhaps even something to contribute to the decorating of the nursery. This idea kills two birds with one stone - your guests get a fun little activity where they can get in touch with their creative side and you get something you can actually keep.

So, without further ado, here are 10 incredibly useful and downright adorable crafts for your baby shower guests to make for you and your little one.

1. Alphabet Book

Credit: Lil Mop Top

Provide your guests with plain sheets of paper for each letter of the alphabet and encourage them to add their own personal take on it. You'll be left with a gift that is both educational and heartwarming.

2. Alphabet letter wall

Credit: Living Savvy

Using little more than stencils and paint, decorate the wall in the nursery with the letters of the alphabet in line with the colour scheme you have chosen.

3. A mobile

Credit: On To Baby

Provide all the components needed for your guests to make a mobile to hang in your baby's nursery. Perhaps you could try something along the lines of little ornaments made of cardboard, origami shapes or pinwheels.

(Make sure you the mobile is hung so the baby cannot reach it and to take it away from the crib when your infant learns how to stand.)

4. Hoop art

Credit: amydouglass.blogspot.com

Getting your guests to make their own hoop art will really get their creative juices flowing and plus it will look fantastic placed in the little one's nursery. Give them fabric and perhaps an overall theme or colour scheme and allow them to create little pieces of art you and your kid can cherish for years to come.

5. Headbands

Credit: iheartnaptime.net

Headbands are wonderful accessories for any baby! Why not give your little princess or prince a crown? Or lots of cute little headbands made from various fabrics at the very least.

6. Decorating onesies

Credit: Ali's African Adventures

One of the most exciting things you can do when preparing for the arrival of your little one is getting their wardrobe sorted. But why not get your baby shower guests involved in just that? Get them to decorate some plain onesies with different patterns, craft supplies, and fabrics.

7. Decorating bibs

Credit: Pinterest / Elizabeth & Co.

Bibs are an everyday item as far as babies are concerned, so why not make them just a little bit more special. Get a loved one to put their own designs and patterns on the bib so that it will put a smile on your face when it's time to feed the kid.

8. Button monogram

Credit: Home With Mandy

If you happen to have a collection of buttons, why not let your guests use them to create a monogram that your baby will come to adore? And, if you know the baby's name already, you could have a guest do a letter each.

9. Baby Building Blocks

Babies will love to play with building blocks until the end of time, so why not get your guests to create some unique, educational, and sensory blocks for your little one?

10. Baby Hangers

Hangers may be mundane, everyday items - but they don't have to be for your little one! Get some stickers and fabric, and jazz up your baby's wardrobe in a very unique way.

What do you think? Would this be something you would want to incorporate into your baby shower's festivities? Or would you prefer to down the more traditional route