21 Unforgivable Craft Fails That Put The "Why?" In DIY

21 Unforgivable Craft Fails That Put The "Why?" In DIY

If you happen to be a very creative person, someone who is pretty dexterous or just someone who has quite a bit of time on their hands, working on a crafty little project might be right up your street.

It's especially great if you have kids. It not only gives you a chance to bond with them, but also gives your little ones the opportunity to put their imaginations to good use and develop their creative skills - you'll all feel a sense of achievement afterward, too!

But ideally, you would want whatever you or your kids to have created to serve some sort of purpose. Especially if you've put a lot of time and energy into it. Unfortunately, not everyone has an eye for design, or even a basic set of DIY skills.

And it is these very people who need to accept that they are far better off buying whatever they need from a store as opposed to attempting to make it themselves. So, without further ado, here are some of the funniest craft fails to have made it onto the internet.

1. Flipping the bird

Credit: BuzzFeed / Instagram

It's just not wholesome enough to be a garden ornament. Where are all the gnomes at?

2. I mean, at least they tried...

Credit: behindthebiggreendoor.com / Instagram

Well, definitely not hard enough, but they did try. So, erm, better luck next Christmas?

3. Not the best attempt at reusing a broken plate to make a mosaic plant pot

Credit: mosaictilearts.com / Instagram

Makes you wonder why people even bother. I mean, what a colossal waste of time and energy.

4. If you're going to make a T-shirt-cat-tent of your own, do it right...

Credit: dearcrissy.com / Instagram

Lopsided doesn't even cut it... I feel for you little kitty, I feel for you.

5. These peppermint hot chocolate spoons aren't exactly the best. And that's me being nice about it

Credit: princesspinkygirl.com / craftymothertrucker.com

Why couldn't these DIY-ers just have been content with the store-bought ones? How much easier would that have been...

6. Again, why bother making homemade crayons when you can get them at the store without all this hassle?

Credit: treasuresfortots.blogspot.com / Instagram

It's literally on fire! FIRE - for a bunch of crayons?! I guess it could potentially make for a good story, but even that's stretching it.

7. They completely DESTROYED this dinosaur egg soap

Credit: BuzzFeed / Instagram

I mean, what even is that? Jurassic Park on a budget!

8. So someone thought it would be a good idea to put this light switch cover in the oven...

Credit: Larissa Holland / mmmcrafts.blogspot.com.es / Instagram

...despite the fact that it's made from plastic! It wasn't of their finest ideas...

9. This fortune cookie is all kinds of wrong...

Credit: instructables.com / BuzzFeed

Whoever thought this would be a good idea? Not me, definitely not me...

10. I don't think this is how it was supposed to go...

Credit: artsyfartsymama.com / Instagram

I know DIY can get a little messy sometimes, but seriously?!

11. If you want to do Halloween right - don't make your own glow in the dark pumpkin

Credit: ghoulfriday.com / Instagram

Evidently, it really isn't worth it...

12. Apple pies baked in apples are great...

Credit: tablespoon.com / Instagram

Just not when you have zero baking skills and attempt to make them all by yourself at home...

13. I mean, there's not making an effort and then there's...

Credit: extremepumpkins.com / BuzzFeed

Was a child responsible for this or...?

14. You'd think making your own DIY snowman would be fairly basic...

Credit: goodshomedesign.com / Instagram

But apparently, there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

15. A hat shaped like a condom is not exactly the design I would go for...

Credit: ravelry.com / Instagram

But you know, to each their own.

16. This Mod Podged Matisse bowl isn't exactly shaped for purpose

Credit: karuski.co.uk

But you know what? At least it has some pretty colours. Always look on the bright side.

17. A pretty poor attempt at making an artistic pumpkin

Credit: dreamalittlebigger.com / Instagram

Better luck next time? Or maybe just don't try at all.

18. So before, this was a yummy tray full of gummy bears...

thelifejolie.com / Instagram

...and now it's the ultimate vodka-soaked party-pooper!

19. It's like someone swallowed a rainbow and vomited it back out

Credit: Bored Panda

Was this person alright?

20. I mean, how could you go wrong with a simple egg-shaped ornament made from actual eggshells?

Credit: Etsy / pinterestfail.com

Very easily apparently!

21. Successful craft vs. amateur craft

Credit: pinterestfail.com

I know which kid I'd rather be!

Fair play to all the people responsible for these craft fails - they had absolutely no qualms about posting them on social media despite how utterly ridiculous they were!