18 Times Companies Totally Screwed Us Over With Their Deceptive Packaging

18 Times Companies Totally Screwed Us Over With Their Deceptive Packaging

When you spend your hard-earned money on something at the store, you have every right to expect to get exactly what you paid for.

Unfortunately, this certainly isn't always the case. In fact, far too often you get the exact opposite. It's easy to feel cheated when this happens, but just know you're not alone.

Here are 16 of the most outrageous design fails to have made it on the shelves of stores around the country.

1. "This Antivirus software my dad bought is literally an empty case with a code on the back."

Credit: Reddit / Julian_Williams

This is just a waste of plastic!

2. You're telling me this isn't a beer?

Credit: Reddit / freakame

Things may get confusing after one-too-many.

3. "Hate to see waste in packaging & also feel like they are trying to trick me so I feel value. Please make bottle the size of product!!"

Credit Twitter / cmbrookins

4. You absolute liars!!!

Credit: Reddit / Based_Tyler

5. Not the best combination ever...

Credit: Reddit / charleselliott33 Report

6. "My wife bought some pencils for our elementary school where we teach English in South Korea. Then she opened the box."

Credit: Reddit / thektulu7

7. Erm, I asked for olive oil...

Credit: Reddit / AsterJ

8. I feel robbed

Credit: Reddit / Judithsins

9. I guess orange really is the new black

Credit: Reddit / hogwartshonorroll

10. Could this be any more ironic?!

Credit: Reddit / egdip

11. I'd quite like to know if what I'm eating has been decapitated before I've opened the packet...

Credit Reddit / TheSoulOfTheRose

12. Ohhh so it's not suitable for climbing???

Credit Reddit / Letsgetsmitfaced

13. The epitome of misleading...

Credit: Reddit / ethandrzb

14. Great sales tactic: buy one pack of sausages and get two free

Credit: Reddit / ilushkin

15. I expected 12 and my expectations were not realised...

Credit: Reddit / bortina-badboy

16. Now that's just cruel!!!

Credit: Twitter / ItsAlexBevan

17. This Shampoo

Credit: Reddit / mcpi2018

How do you squeeze it out??

18. That's a wrap!

Credit: Reddit / Ahmad_nagy

Seriously, how do the people responsible for these epic fails keep getting away with it?!