16 Products For People Who Want A Personal Assistant, But Just Can't Afford One

16 Products For People Who Want A Personal Assistant, But Just Can't Afford One

It is an unfortunate fact we must accept that most of us are not - and never will be - rich enough to afford our very own personal assistant. Someone to run errands for us throughout our oh-so busy day. Someone who is obligated to be at our beck and call until the end of the working day, and potentially even outside of their usual working hours. And someone who would certainly think twice before talking back to us. That is the life, right?

But even if we cannot afford a human personal assistant, there are plenty of devices and gadgets that basically do all the work for us. In fact, the following products will bring a lot more efficiency to your daily tasks so you can get things done in a shorter amount of time.

1. Sous vide cooker connected to Bluetooth

Credit: Amazon

Place the food item inside and let the device take over from there. It will mean minimal involvement in the cooking process.

Price: $119 from Amazon

2. Headphone stand

Credit: Amazon

A handy place for you to hang your headphones and avoid them getting damaged. It is also easy to travel with.

Price: $8.99 from Amazon

3. Windshield protector 

Credit: Amazon

You will never again have to waste time scraping the ice off your windshield with this item.

Price: $12.99 from Amazon

4. Efficient nail polish-remover

Credit: Amazon

It's quick and effective - just dip your fingers into it and voilà, consider your nail polish removed.

Price: $5.92 from Amazon

5. Remote-controlled flameless candles

Credit: Amazon

It's simple - just press a button and they're on! Batteries are not included.

Price: $20.99 from Amazon

6. Back shaver 

Credit: Amazon

If you're quite heavily into manscaping, you would benefit from having a device which reaches places you are unable to.

Price: $19.95 from Amazon

7. Interactive dog treat dispenser

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

You don't have to be right there with your pup in order to give them a treat. Plus the device contains a camera and a speaker so you can both see and hear your pooch.

Price: $249.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond

8. Automatic cat and dog feeder

Credit: Amazon

The device contains a timer which serves portions of your choice up to 12 times a day.

Price: $134.95 from Amazon

9. Grabber tool

Credit: Amazon

This grabber tool has a rotating grip allowing you to get the required height to reach stuff when there isn't a tall person around.

Price: $13.99 from Amazon

10. Wearable nail polish holder

Credit: Amazon

It just makes the process of painting your nails so much simpler.

Price: $13.99 from Amazon

11. Tablet holder

Credit: Amazon

Let's face it, when we're using a tablet, we just want to relax. We're most likely bingeing something on Netflix and would love to be afforded the luxury of not having to hold the tablet while doing just that.

Price: $39.95 from Amazon

12. WiFi doorbell

Credit: Amazon

You can see and speak to anyone who rings your WiFi doorbell from your phone, tablet or computer.

Price: $99.99 from Amazon

13. Bagel guillotine

Credit: Amazon

Slice your bagels in a matter of seconds.

Price: $19.99+ from Amazon

14. Weighted drink holder 

Credit: The Grommet

If you want your mug nearby but are worried about spillages, get yourself one of these.

Price: $19.95 from The Grommet

15. Motion sensor trash can

Credit: Amazon

If you've got both hands full of trash, no need to fret because this trash can opens for you.

Price: $39.99 from Amazon

16. Robot Vacuum

Credit: Eufy

Seriously, who has time to vacuum these days? These robot vacuums are perfect for pet owners and parents who are too busy to be lugging around a heavy vacuum.

This Eufy model is one of the most popular on Amazon, with prices around $209!

Have you got your eyes on any of these? Share your thoughts in the comments!