15 Practical Gifts That New Moms Will Genuinely Be Grateful For

15 Practical Gifts That New Moms Will Genuinely Be Grateful For

It's customary for the friends and family of a new mom to buy her and/or her new baby a present. And, unfortunately, despite the fact that we know it probably won't be of much use, most of us invest in baby clothes which, if we are a little savvier, will be a few sizes too big so that the new baby can grow into them. But new moms need a lot more than just baby clothes.

Sure, dressing your little angel up can be a lot of fun, and it's exciting to receive baby clothes when you're still pregnant, but once you've brought a new life into the world, you can be left feeling a little worse for wear - and that's putting it mildly. Not only do you have the problem of a postpartum body to deal with, but a baby who needs your constant attention. That's why, if you want to get a new mom a useful gift they'll really appreciate, you should invest in something practical.

Here are 15 gift ideas for new moms that they're more likely to appreciate:

1. Efficient and effective disposable face wipes

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These aren't your average face wipes. They are equivalent of washing your face with soap, exfoliating and then applying moisturizer. So they are perfect for new moms who are rushed off their feet and need a quick face refresh.

2. Dry shampoo for the obvious

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Washing your hair can be a time-consuming task, especially if you live in a place where it won't dry on its own. And new moms don't want the added stress of looking less than their best, so this really is a lifesaver for them.

3. Earplugs

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Unless you're a single parent, you're going to want to make the most of your sleeping time. So if dad or second mom's on night duty, you'll need these earplugs so that you don't instinctively wake with a start when you hear your baby crying.

4. Facemasks that will let moms relax for an oh-so-precious twenty minutes

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Sure, face masks aren't aren't a quick-fix self-care solution, but they are something, and when you're a new mom that can mean a lot. They deal with a variety of skin issues too, including sebum control, peeling, firming and radiating, hydrating and moisturizing, clearing and purifying, calming and soothing, nutrition and protection, and brightening and soothing.

Mom, take 20 minutes for yourself, you deserve it!

5. Cooling eye patches

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Even with the best will in the world and having your partner on nighttime duty, getting a good night's sleep as a new mom isn't always possible. This can really knock your self-esteem when you realize you've got bags under your eyes, but these cooling patches can, in part, solve the problem, by giving the illusion that you've had a good night's sleep and making that woman in the mirror look a little more human.

6. Heated foot spa

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New moms have to be on their feet a lot of the time, whether it's taking their baby around the block on a stroller or simply running to them in the middle of the night, so their feet can often be left feeling tired and sore. That's why this heated foot spa could be a Godsend with its massage rollers and vibrating features - and, of course, its bubbles.

7. Slippers that look like shoes

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Slippers help keep new mom's aching feet comfy and this pair has the potential to be twice as useful because, on a first glance, they look like ordinary shoes - meaning that they won't attract any attention if worn on a quick trip to the grocery store.

8. A reusable water bottle with a straw

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It's essential for new moms to stay hydrated. They have a lot on their plates regardless of whether or not they're breastfeeding. If you buy a new mom a reusable water bottle with an easy to use straw like this, it will remind her to stay hydrated, and it's perfect to use one-handed.

9. A Roomba

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What's a Roomba? It's possibly the best gift that you could buy for a new parent - a robotic hoover. Simply turn it on and it will clean your floors while you either sit back and relax or tend to babe. It will help you make the most of your me time when your baby is asleep!

10. Rechargeable batteries

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Because if a bunch of your friends invest on the gadgets in this list, you'll need plenty of batteries on hand to keep them running!

11. A miniature flashlight

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Sometimes new moms have to creep around the house in the middle of the night hours without waking anyone else up (especially if they have a toddler), so a flashlight is yet another very useful gift to help them win at being a parent! My dad would literally tend to me with his headtorch on!

12. Lactation Massager 

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As any mom will tell you, clogged milk dugs are one of the many troubles she will have to endure postpartum. Thankfully, it's a problem which technology can do a lot to solve and this massager can help relieve the pain it causes. The reviews speak for themselves!

13. Lactation Cookie Mix

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On the subject of breastfeeding, it's of the utmost importance that women who chose to do it fuel their bodies with the right food. This cookie mix was created to help give breastfeeding moms the increased number of calories they need to produce milk.

14. A Seamless Gift Card

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Or a gift card to just about any other food delivery service. If a new mom's had a particularly rough day, it will save her the added stress of having to cook, and, with a hot meal in her belly, she'll be given a quick and no doubt much needed boost.

15. Snack packs

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And sometimes all a new mom will need to keep her on her A game is a little snack. So if someone has already got her a food gift card, why not give her the gift of snacks? She'll be sending you a thank you text at 3 in the morning when they help her to find the energy to rock her new baby back to sleep. Because let's face it, new moms get most of their energy from food instead of sleep!

So, the next time you've to get a mom-to-be a gift, why not think outside the box and get her something practical? One thing's for sure, I'd have appreciated everything on this list after I gave birth to my son. Cute outfits only go so far in the helpful department!