15 People Share The Worst Gifts They Received From Their Office Secret Santa

15 People Share The Worst Gifts They Received From Their Office Secret Santa

They say that the gift is in the giving, but 'they' have clearly never been involved in a Secret Santa gift exchange. As if the Christmas period wasn't stressful enough as it is, Secret Santa adds another element of tension.

Secret Santa is a tradition most commonly associated with the workplace, where you pull the name of a colleague who you've never spoken to out of an old biscuit tin. The following week is spent hanging around the water-cooler hoping to start a conversation with your gift recipient so that you can have a rough idea of what to buy them, which is a waste of time anyway as you'll inevitably panic and buy them a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine at the last minute.

However, there are worse gifts you could give or receive, as the following disappointed workers all prove...

1. It's the thought that counts

Credit: Twitter / @CrienaLDavies

It can be difficult to buy a gift for someone you don't know, but if in doubt it's always best to ask someone who knows your Secret Santa, because buying someone a gift like this is one way to guarantee some awkward water-cooler chats.

2. Time to troll

Credit: Twitter / @CorporateGorilla

When you spend more than 35 hours a week with people, you tend to have some rather peculiar conversations to fill your days. Whilst amusing at the time, these casual chats can often come back to haunt you, as this worker discovered.

3. The last laugh

Credit: Twitter / @EllieBeaBea

Weirdly some of the worst Secret Santa gifts can become the best!

4. Petty present

Credit: Twitter / Eddo Kloosterman

This is the level of petty that I aspire to!

5. The gift ghoster

Credit: Twitter / @emptyhuulpodz

There is always that one person who forgets about Secret Santa. Upon realizing that you've forgotten arguably one of the most important dates in your office's calendar, there are two options you can take. Firstly you can buy a last minute gift from the gas station or the office canteen, or you can just sit quietly and hope that nobody notices.

6. Yes. Yes, it does.

Credit: Twitter / @e1scorcho

There is no doubt that this person won't be invited to participate in next year's gift exchange!

7. That's the tea

Credit: Twitter / Joe Celeb

This gift it as weak as a cup of tea!

8. Cringe alert

Credit: Twitter / @PennDusko

Buying presents for people you barely know can often have quite awkward results if you don't do your research properly.

9. Bad blood

Credit: Twitter / @oshinosshirt

You're never guaranteed to like your work colleagues, but Christmas should be a time to put your differences aside!

10. Be grateful

Credit: Twitter / @Hollyandherego

There are few things as difficult as trying to pretend that you appreciate a gift, but even the most experienced gift receivers would struggle to conceal their disappointment with this!

11. The gift is in the giving

Credit: Twitter / @buttaninek

They say that the gift is in the giving, and that's true to a certain extent. However, when you invest so much money and thought into your gift, it can be hard not to feel very disappointed when you don't get something decent in return.

12. The dog ate it

Credit: Twitter / @dougalogic

Buying a work colleague a political-themed gift is always a brave move, especially in the current political climate.

13. You are what you eat

Credit: Twitter / @natalesena__

What goes around comes around! Although, gifting a vegan a whole chicken may be grounds for disciplinary action.

14. Smart move

Credit: Twitter / @ladyf*ckwit

What a genius idea! I feel inspired to pull this stunt next time my family do Secret Santa! Happy Christmas to me!

15. Sorry Sam

Credit: Twitter / @skybluechick72

Organizing Secret Santa can be difficult given that most of the workforce chose to take time off around the festive period. There is always one staff member who goes on vacation and forgets to leave their gift.