10 Simple Last-Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts For The Whole Family

10 Simple Last-Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts For The Whole Family

For some, Valentine's Day is the most romantic occasion of the year. It's a chance to show your better half just how much they mean to you, whether that involves taking them out to dinner, cooking it yourself, and surprising them with a gift. Or, if you're a cynic like me, a commercialized holiday that creates unrealistic expectations for couples and makes single people feel bad.

That's why I'm all about the personal touch. Whether it's planning a day of fun events that you know your bae will love (like revisiting some of best date locations), or, if you're strapped for cash, making a DIY gift they're guaranteed to love.

1. Thumbprint Mason Jars

Credit: Mason Jar Crafts Love

These are a fantastic craft because they're incredibly easy to make, but they will leave you with a keepsake that you can treasure forever. As the picture above demonstrates, all you need are a pair of thumbs to make a heart, some paint, and a mason jar!

2. Pom-Pom Monsters

Credit: Consumer Crafts

Young kids might be too young to understand what the holiday's about, but that doesn't mean they can't join in on the fun too. With nothing more than yarn and googly eyes, you can guide them through this tutorial to create these adorable little monsters!

3. Heart Garland

Credit: Martha Stewart

Are you surprising your bae with dinner this Valentine's? Or throwing a party for all your single friends to celebrate their freedom together? Then why not create this easy-to-make heart garland to decorate your house accordingly.

4. DIY Wreath

Credit: Do It Your Freaking Self

Think wreaths are just for Christmas? Think again. If you haven't packed away your decorations yet (in which case, what's wrong with you?!) or if you want an excuse to get them out again, pick appropriately colored tinsel and baubles and you're good to go.

5. Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

Credit: Happiness is Homemade

But don't worry if you want to make a wreath and don't have the right Christmas decorations to hand,  you can also make one using tissue paper. It's cheap, and all you need to make this simple design which looks good is tissue paper and cardboard.

6. Valentine's Bath Bombs

Credit: Make Life Lovely

Fancy pampering your single self this February the 14th or sharing a bath with your better half? Then you might want to make these Valentine's bath bombs. They look and smell great and you don't have to be a Lush employee to make them.

7. Pipecleaner Heart Rings

Credit: Make and Takes

If you've got kids who want to get in on the Valentine's Day fun, then you have to let them make these pipe cleaner heart rings. They are super simple to create - just bend them into shape. Afterward, your little cupid can give them to their crush or friends!

8. Conversation Heart Flower Arrangement

Credit: Smart Schoolhouse

"Will u be mine?" "Kiss me?" Conversation heart candies have been a staple of romantic relationships, but you don't always have to eat them. You can also use them to decorate a bouquet of flowers this Valentine's Day. How romantic!

9. DIY Valentine's Card

Credit: Felt Magnet

Nine times out of ten, it's the personal touch which makes the gift of a card that much better. That's why DIY Valentine's cards are so great. They cost next to nothing. All you need is love, a little time and some paint strips from your local hardware store.

10. Love Bugs

Credit: Cute as a Fox

This is a great DIY for adults and gifts alike. Personally, I'd think it adorable if my partner gave me some love bugs! Perhaps to represent every month (or year) we've been together. Easily made with colored poufs and other simple materials.

So there you have it - 10 simple last-minute DIY Valentine's Day gifts for the whole family. Proof that even though it's February the 13th, you don't have to break the bank to make your loved-one smile on the most romantic day of the year (supposedly).