Woman Transforms $4 Thrift Store Dress Into Stunning Prom Gown And Now People Want Her To Work At Gucci

Woman Transforms $4 Thrift Store Dress Into Stunning Prom Gown And Now People Want Her To Work At Gucci

Prom is one of the most anticipated events of any adolescent's life. It's a chance to celebrate surviving high school and, of course, your transition into the adult world - whether that means employment or further study. And because the pictures taken are meant to last a lifetime, people go to a lot of effort (sometimes spending hundreds of dollars) to ensure that they look their best.

For me, this involved buying a vintage prom dress from the '50s. I was particularly pleased with my decision when I turned up at prom: I might have looked a little out-of-place compared to everyone else in their late noughties fashion, but I'd like to think my look has aged a lot better. It came for the humble price of just $30 - not including the $40 I spent on my hair.

A lot of my peers, on the other hand, had bought the most expensive dresses they could find, and, almost a decade on from the event, have admitted that they've looked back at their outfits and cringed. Some designers really do get away with murder when it comes to charging a small fortune for a generic looking dress, which is why it's a good idea to dare to be different.

One person who did this with stunning results is YouTuber Amber Scholl. Although she's in her mid-twenties, she decided to see if she could create a truly inspiring prom dress for the extremely modest and, some might say, unbelievable price of $4.

Credit: Twitter / @AmberScholl

So how exactly did she do this? Well, it all began with the dress pictured above, which the talented online star purchased at a Goodwill store for just $4.

Credit: Twitter / @AmberScholl

Amber then stocked up on craft supplies, which included rhinestone crystals, feathers, and decorative mesh.

All she had to do to create the stunning dress pictured below was glue the mesh and feathers to her $4 dress and create a simple statement necklace. As I'm sure you'll agree, the finished result looks unbelievable - and very, very expensive.

Credit: Twitter / @AmberScholl

Scholl shared her creation on Twitter and, understandably, it went viral, receiving over 28,000 retweets and 136,000 likes. She captioned her impressive DIY creation: "$4 thrift store dress is now my dream prom dress."

Credit: Twitter / @AmberScholl

These are some of the best reactions to the dress:

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It's clear from the tweets above that Scholl has a very promising career ahead of her, something which she's already utilizing to her advantage, sharing the exact lowdown on this and other looks on her YouTube channel.

What do you think of Scholl's dress? Do you agree that the best prom dresses are the result of people daring to be different?