US Parents Claim Their Kids Have Developed British Accents After Watching 'Peppa Pig'

US Parents Claim Their Kids Have Developed British Accents After Watching 'Peppa Pig'

For better, but usually, for worse, children are incredibly easily influenced.

When my sister was a kid, she decided it would be a fantastic idea to shave off her eyebrows in a bid to look like her primary school teacher - a woman in her early 60s who drew hers on. More than a decade later, the cyclops jokes haven't stopped.

But one of the most common areas where children are susceptible to the influence of others is in how they talk. They are, after all, relatively new to the world, and their surroundings play a huge role in teaching them how to interact with others.

That's why it's so important that parents carefully monitor the content their children are exposed to.

Case in point, the American children who have developed British accents after watching Peppa Pig.

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Admittedly, this is a hilarious consequence of kids being easily influenced, and a number of American parents have taken to Twitter to claim that their kids are now talking in British accents because of Peppa Pig.

In case your memory needs jogging, Peppa Pig is a popular kids' TV show that follows the adventures of a pig named Peppa, her family and animal friends in a fictional English town.

Dad Sylvester Kabajani wrote:

"My four year baby girl loves watching Peppa Pig and I have noticed her accent and grammar is extraordinary.

"Last night I tucked her to sleep and she looks at me and says 'daddy, can you snuggle me' I was like what did you just say baby girl? I don't remember the last time I used that word."

Film critic Clayton David also noticed that his son had picked up a British accent from Peppa Pig:

"Best thing that Noah does these days is speak in a British accent b/c of Peppa Pig.

"2 days ago, he came to me & said 'Daddy, I want to sit on your lap and use the computer'."

"I'd like to thank Peppa Pig for the slight yet adorable British accent my toddler is acquiring," wrote a third parent.

"Anyone else's kid developing a slight British accent after watching Peppa Pig?" questioned a fourth before adding, "She's also snorting like a piggy, but that is expected."

"The most entertaining aspect of my life right now is that my toddler has been watching Peppa Pig and now speaks with a British accent," joked a fifth.

The phenomenon has now been dubbed the "Peppa effect". Has your child been affected?