This Mom Confiscated Her Kids' Friends' Phones And The Internet Is Divided

This Mom Confiscated Her Kids' Friends' Phones And The Internet Is Divided

One of the most contentious issues among 21st-century parents is their kids' use of technology. Sure, it's an inevitable part of life in the modern world, and while it does have its advantages, how much screen time is too much?

A survey by Common Sense Media in 2015 found that, on average, kids are spending six hours a day on their phones.

Now, to stop her kids' and their friends from interacting with their online worlds while they're at her house together, mom Glennon Doyle confiscated their phones.

An act which she wrote had a lot of positive effects in a now-viral Facebook post:

"They all act exasperated but seem interestingly relieved. Then, after a minute, they look at each other. And talk. And dance and laugh and stuff. And they remember that they are with their friends so there is no need to be anywhere else."

Credit: Facebook / Glennon Doyle

This revelation was shared by the bestselling author and activist alongside a picture of the phones in a basket.

And while everyone has a right to decide what rules they enforce for their children and their friends under their roof, Doyle's confiscation thoroughly divided the internet.

For some parents like Melina Wedde, it represented "an unhealthy power dynamic". As far as she is concerned, parents should be focusing on teaching their kids how to use technology sensibly rather than removing it altogether.

Fair enough.

Credit: Facebook / Melinda Wedde

But for other parents like Katie Schmidt McMurry are concerned, Doyle's idea is nothing short of genius.

She revealed that her daughter, while being one of a few children in the seventh grade without a phone, is perfectly fine and actually benefits from tech-free life as it has built trust between them and given her a sense of responsibility.

Credit: Facebook / Katie Schmidt McMurry

But when other parents went on to elaborate the subject with examples, it became clear why it was such a contentious issue.

Credit: Pexels

While, incredibly, one mom revealed that her son and his friends chose to give up their phones of their own volition, others had more disturbing stories to share.

Credit: Facebook / Allison Winstead

A woman by the name of Toshia Martin warned that after giving up her phone at a sleepover, her daughter was molested by an older boy in the house.

This demonstrates that while a lack of technology does have its benefits, there is also a serious safety issue that must be taken into consideration too.

Credit: Facebook / Toshia Martin

However, another Facebook user pointed out that it looked like Doyle had simply taken the phones away to encourage the kids to talk, but hadn't necessarily banned them entirely.

Credit: Facebook / Rosette Schleifer Roth

What do you think of Doyle's phone basket? Is it a good idea in a world where young people are spending an average of six hours a day glued to their phone screens? Or should they be allowed their phones at all times - just in case?