This Company Will Turn Your Kids' Drawings Into Cuddly Toys They Can Cherish Forever

This Company Will Turn Your Kids' Drawings Into Cuddly Toys They Can Cherish Forever

Children love few things more than exercising their imaginations. Whether it's by playing make-believe games with each other, creating stories for their toys, or as is the case for many, drawing. In our tech-crazy world, it's more important than ever too - once, of course, you've managed to deter your kids from picking up your cell phone at every available opportunity!

But one area where tech comes into its own for kids is in its ability to turn their one of a kind drawings into other products that they can treasure. We recently introduced you to Tasarim Takarim Studio, which turns children's artwork into jewelry, but today it is Budsies, a company that transforms kids' drawings into stuffed toys!

Here are 12 of its best drawing to stuffed toy creations alongside their young creators:

1. A doll with a fabulous rainbow skirt

Credit: Instagram / @katiee515

Now that's the look of a happy and proud young artist!

2. A very cool little monster

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

This monster is not as scary as you might think. You might not be able to see it, at first, in this picture, but he's actually riding a skateboard, and according to his creator, Janiero, he loves listening to music too - hence the headphones!

3. A robot

Credit: Instagram / @carriedenisee

Her parent wrote: "This was the perfect gift for my little girl. Art is her favorite time at school. She was thrilled to open the box and see one of her favorite little creations from Pre-K brought to life. Her robot is so colorful and snuggly."

4. A praying mantis

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

This kid is seriously talented. His grandpa recognized this too, and he turned his praying mantis artwork into a Budsie - with truly incredible results. Future biologist or artist? Both? Either way, this kid is going places.

5. Flower the dragon

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

This incredibly imaginative dragon was inspired by the children's book series Wings of Fire. Now, we don't know about you, but we've never seen a dragon simultaneously look so menacing and cute!

6. Jerry the seal

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

Adorable and biologically accurate. (We aren't including his dashing outfit, but you do you, Jerry!)

7. Mother of Dragons

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

This little girl could give Daenerys Targaryen a run for her money!

8. Dimmy the dumpling

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

"Dimmy is a dumpling shape of a white or off-white color with soy sauce hair, dark blue Kung- fu belt with 2 red stripes," Budsie's Instagram page revealed.

9. Ms. Kittens

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

What a wonderfully colorful kitty!

10. A pirate

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

Arrgh, me hearties!

11. A budsie called Rainbow

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

Love the antenna and wings!

12. Peter the Rabbit

Credit: Instagram / @budsies

So cuddly! Peter's belly looks like the perfect napping spot to us.

So, the next time your kid excitedly comes up to you with a new drawing, why not have it transformed into a budsie? It'll encourage them to get even more creative, which, as we all know, will do wonders for them down the line.

As CNN notes, kids who are creative will have a much higher ability to contribute to a rapidly changing workforce!