Pictures That Prove The Art Of Crocheting Has Gone Way Too Far

Pictures That Prove The Art Of Crocheting Has Gone Way Too Far

The youth of this world are often villainized as social media-loving, wasteful humans who love fast fashion and hate tradition. But something that is often forgotten is the millennial's love of sites such as Pinterest, where tradition is trendy.

Up-cycling, knitting, and even crocheting have seen a huge resurgence thanks to the internet. Of course, other factors have also played a large part in the popularity of crafts, such as the current economic climate and the world's awareness of the effects technology can have on a person's mental health.

Activities such as crocheting are considered comforting, mindful, and rewarding. Not only that, but it is also a cheap thrill during the more tumultuous financial times. With that in mind, it's no wonder crocheting has become so immensely fashionable.

But as with every trend, there are always those who take things too far - yes, even crocheting.

Once only something your granny would do, crocheting is now a favorite among hispters who are trying to put their own unique spin on the ways of old. And, when I say unique, I mean ridiculous! Take a look yourself...

1. What color would you choose?

Credit: FaveCrafts

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but if the latest trends are anything to go by, it would appear that the true way to a girl's heart is with a good knit. Hmm. I can't say I see this one catching on!

2. What was he thinking?

Credit: Demilked

Have you ever looked at someone and just wished you could know what was going on inside their head? Well, with this rather gruesome hat there is no need to wonder, it exposes everything!

3. Why the long face?

Credit: Mojily

The purpose of this item is a total mystery. But, if it was intended to make the wearer look like a fool, then it successfully achieved that!

4. They were on a roll with this one

Credit: Pinterest

There is nothing worse than finding that there is no toilet roll left after you have already done your business. Well, actually there is something worse... This!

5.  This one really takes the p...

Credit: Crochet Spot

Urinals are unpleasant at the best of times, but this takes things to a whole new level. They really were taking the pee!

6. Take a seat

Credit: Facebook

I am quite confident that I had a nightmare the other night which featured a toilet which looked just like this!

7. Weird beards

Credit: Mashable

Beards take a great deal of maintenance, so why bother? Especially when you can simply knit yourself one!

Feeling inspired? Why not try these four simple yarn crafts...

8.  Take your wine with you

Credit: Vocabulary Yarn

In all honesty, I think this one is genius! Take your wine with you on the go and never spill a drop!

9. Seeing double

Credit: Neatorama

This knitted crochet hook may be adorable, but - and, sorry to sound cynical - what is the point?! It's not like crocheting is in need of a mascot.

10. Willy warmers

Credit: My Write Side

We all know somebody who will appreciate one of these this Christmas! One size fits all!

11. Creature comforts

Credit: Twitter

Okay, this may be ridiculous, but I actually award full marks to this one. If we can wrap up warm in the colder months, then why can't our pets too?

If you want to make something fabulous that will really stand out, why not give this DIY pom-pom rug a go...

Are you just as alarmed as I am? One thing's for sure; I think these guys need to put don't their hooks and step away from the yarn for good!