Your Child Is More Likely To Be Naughty If They Have One Of These Names, According To Study

Your Child Is More Likely To Be Naughty If They Have One Of These Names, According To Study

Choosing a baby name is a difficult task. No matter how good a life we parents have had, there's going to be at least a handful of names we've got negative associations with - whether it's that teacher who terrorized you in middle school (grudges like that can last a lifetime) or the boss from your first job (I still get flashbacks when I hear someone say McLovin' It).

But it turns out that there's a lot more in a name than just our personal preferences. A study by the UK-based school shopping site,, found that a child's name had some influence on whether they would be naughty or nice, the New York Post reported. So before you finalize that list of baby names, pay close attention what I'm about to reveal...

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The study in question involved 36,000 children in UK schools, so it was far from a small sample group.

It found that girls with the name Emily were most likely to fall into the "nice" category, closely followed by Chloe and Sophie. "Naughty" girls, on the other hand, well, the names atop that list were Louise, Faye, and Kayleigh.

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As for boys, well, if you were planning on calling your little bundle of joy Tom, you might want to reconsider it as this name topped the list of naughty boys, followed by Alexander and Jake. However, if you're a fan of the name Joshua, go for it, as it topped's nice list, followed by Jack and Thomas.

But don't worry, the lists aren't confined six binary names, there's 40 in total that made the list:

Obviously, this list was never intended to be taken seriously and was described by School Stickers managing director Neil Hodges as "just a bit of fun" - particularly as it's compiled every year and the names inevitably vary.

So, how is this list compiled? I hear you ask. Well, the clue is in the website's name:

It is compiled based on the names of the children who were praised by their teachers most with stickers for good behavior. So you can work out how the naughty list is calculated! No stickers from me for that. The results vary so much from year to year that the only name to appear two years running was Faye, which topped the naughty list in 2017.

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But, let's face it, the only person who really has the authority to create a list like this has a pet reindeer called Rudolph!