The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2019 Have Been Revealed (And We Don't Know What To Think)

The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2019 Have Been Revealed (And We Don't Know What To Think)

Ahh, 2019: the year of total strangers waging online wars over Michael Jackson and JK Rowling retroactively deciding that every Harry Potter character had a bisexual phase in high school. It's been an interesting one, to say the least.

And, staying on that trend, the most popular baby names from the year so far are also, uh, interesting.

Now, we don't want to offend any parents out there whose little ones just happen to have one of the names on this list, and it's totally your prerogative if you want to name your kid Daenerys or Lazer Beam or whatever - but, you have to admit, the names ranking most highly in 2019 aren't exactly conventional.

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First up, it's the girls' names.

1. Posie

2. Isla

3. Olivia

4. Aurora

5. Maeve

6. Cora

7. Amara

8. Ada

9. Amelia

10. Charlotte

Ok, so most of these are pretty normal... but Maeve? Ada? Aurora? Are we naming 21st century babies here, or old women from the '50s and Disney princesses?

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And now the boys.

1. Milo

2. Jasper

3. Atticus

4. Theodore

5. Asher

6. Silas

7. Jack

8. Finn

9. Henry

10. Felix

Once again, some of these are fairly normal - but the old names are clearly making a resurgence! Theodore, Atticus and Silas definitely sound like characters from a children's book in the 1890s, but, in just a few years, those are the names you're going to hear parents calling out in the schoolyard.

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Soooo, a lot of these aren't exactly 'average' names. But you know what? Average names are boring. We need more Posies and Finns and Ashers in the world - and 2019 parents are getting it done.

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