Eight-Year-Old Girl Surprises Stepdad Of Seven Years With Adorable 'Adoption Proposal'

Eight-Year-Old Girl Surprises Stepdad Of Seven Years With Adorable 'Adoption Proposal'

When parents remarry, they will inevitably be bringing a second mother or father figure into their kids' lives. That's why, as a parent, whoever you end up getting into a relationship with will not only directly affect your own health and happiness, but that of your little ones too.

Getting a new stepparent - especially if said stepparent has suddenly moved in and is around pretty much all the time - can be an overwhelming change for young children.

On the other hand, the emotions that come with having a new parental figure in your life are not always negative. Many people form very meaningful bonds with their stepmoms and dads.

Credit: Facebook / The Avila family

In fact, one little girl felt such a deep attachment to her stepdad that she decided to make it official.

Eight-year-old Alessandra was intent on Leonardo Avila, her stepfather of seven years, adopting her. So serious was she about it all that she decided to surprise her dad with a very sweet adoption proposal.

The first step of their secret plan was to have Leonardo taken to a local baseball field in Shelby County, Alabama. From there it was simple.

When he reached the venue, Leonardo was told to cover his eyes with a baseball glove and when he uncovered them, stood before him on the home base was Alessandra holding a sign that read: "Papi, you are my forever home. Will you adopt me?"

Needless to say, his answer was a big, fat yes!

"To know that was her decision that she wasn't pressured, that it was something that she wanted, my emotions came over me," Avila told Good Morning America. "To know I made this type of impact to her life that she wants my last name, it was an amazing moment and definitely something I'm going to cherish for the rest of my life."

Credit: Facebook / The Avila family

"I told her, 'I absolutely 100 percent will [adopt you],'" Avila added. "I told her I care about her and she means the world to me. I hope I could keep showing her an example of what a good father is and later on down the road, what a good husband is supposed to be."

The video featuring Alessandra's very sweet adoption proposal has touched the hearts of people from all over the country. It just goes to show the bond between parent and child isn't as shallow as simply happening to share your DNA with someone, it's about the person who dotes on you and does everything they can to love and support you.