Mums Praise 'Miracle' Bubble Bath That 'Makes Babies Sleep All Night'

Mums Praise 'Miracle' Bubble Bath That 'Makes Babies Sleep All Night'

A problem which plagues all new parents is getting their baby to sleep through the night.

While waking up for feeds is inevitable, when a child is waking up every other hour, it can be a draining experience for parents, who, with the responsibilities of modern life, don't want to have to go through the day totally bleary-eyed.

Now, for parents based in the UK, at least, there is what's been hailed as a "miracle" solution.

It comes in the form of supermarket chain ASDA's Little Angels Vapour Bath. Costing a mere 87p ($1.12), it contains menthol which has the effect of soothing babies to sleep.

Credit: ASDA

Because of its effectiveness, it's been praised by parents online, the Liverpool Echo reports, and received five-star reviews.

One fan of the shampoo wrote: "I brought this for my seven-week-old daughter, since birth she hasn't had a full nights [sic] sleep waking up every 2-3 hours, but after having a bath with ASDA's Little Angels menthol bubble bath. She slept a full nights [sic] sleep."

Another added: "This smells lovely and I always use it for my little boy when he has a cold before bed and it really seems to help him settle and relieve him a little."

Credit: Pexels

A third remarked: "Just used this on my one-month-old as he's been really sniffly for a while with cold and as soon as he was in the bath for few mins we noticed his breathing improved.

"And he settled down to sleep so much better and no raspy breathing! Would deffo recommend to everyone I know!"

One consumer even revealed that the bubble bath doesn't just work on children, but adults too, saying: "I have used this product for years - I don’t have children but it really helps with my anxiety to relax me I can highly recommend it."

Credit: Pexels

The Little Angels Vapour Bath's online description reads: "For a soothing scented soak. No tears formula. Menthol aroma helps to soothe and comfort. Paediatrician approved. Quality approved by Mumsnet mums. Dermatologically tested.

"Caring for baby Our Little Angels Vapour Bath has been specially formulated with all your baby's needs in mind.

"The mild and gentle formula gently cleanses, whilst the menthol aroma helps to soothe and comfort.

"It's paraben free, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and pediatrician approved ensuring it's just right for your little angel."

So, if this sounds like the miracle product you've been looking for, you can purchase it for yourself either in-store or online.