Moms-To-Be Are Now Getting 'Sonogram Nails' And We Are Here For It

Moms-To-Be Are Now Getting 'Sonogram Nails' And We Are Here For It

Nail art is more popular than ever these days. Thanks to modern technology, just about anything you can imagine is feasible in the nail department - whether that means turning your talons into cheese graters (seriously, it's a thing), breasts, or, as has been the case in a much sweeter trend, your baby's sonogram.

And let's face it, this is one of the parent's most prized possessions. Sure, it's easy enough to share with friends and family on social media, but anyone who decided to incorporate theirs into their nails is definitely taking their excitement to an extra level which, in my humble opinion, should be respected. After all, what better what to show your kid how excited you were about their arrival than to show them pictures of your nail art when they're old enough?!

Here are some of the best examples of sonogram nail art that the internet has to offer...

1. Bejeweled mommy-to-be nails 

Credit: Instagram / @nailsbykslo

What I love about these is the fact you can tell this woman is having a little girl. That pink bow's an adorable giveaway!

2. Tie-dyed and jeweled sonogram nails

Credit: Instagram / @iannahamlet

The creativity that's been put into these nails is impressive. Those jewels really frame the sonogram.

3. Simple yet beautiful sonogram nails

Credit: Instagram / @katiehaile

This is a great idea for any moms-to-be who are fans of French manicures but still want sonogram nails.

4. Glamorous and eye-catching baby pink nails

Credit: Instagram/ @ladii_steel

I think the sonogram is more eye-catching here because it's smaller and doesn't take up the whole nail.

5. Sonogram painting nail art

Credit: Instagram / @salongrecreate

On a first glance, you'd have no idea that this is a sonogram. On a second, you'll notice the beautiful truth.

6. Sonogram name nails

Credit: Nail Art Gallery

Okay, I'm not doing to lie, these look downright comfortable, but each to their own. The name is a pretty cute idea though!

7. Van Gogh-esque sonogram nails

Credit: Facebook / Sarah Clarke

Seriously, the nail polish sonogram here reminds me of Van Gogh's The Starry Night.

8. Nails that announce pretty much everything about your pregnancy

Credit: Instagram / @msamandasmith

The only thing missing here is the date of conception, but yeah - each to their own.

9. A gorgeously simply sonogram nail

Credit: Instagram / @hui_fineart

If you look closely enough, you can see the outline of this baby's brain. Talk about attention to detail!

10. Very early on sonogram nails

Credit: Instagram / @nailsbysara

This baby, even in the full sized picture, looks like it's nothing more than the size of a bean! Isn't the circle of life amazing?

11. Fashionista sonogram nails

Credit: Instagram / @euro_nails_tx

These are gorgeous in every sense of the word. It must have taken a very steady hand to paint on that detailed sonogram.

Has this list inspired you, or perhaps inspired you to tell someone you know, to get sonogram nail art? As this list demonstrates, there's a lot of options to chose from in this department. And while it might, on the surface, seem like a petty extra thing to do, you can make your little angel's first picture as extravagant or as understated as you like!