Men Share Pictures Showing Exactly What It's Like Living With A Pregnant Wife

Men Share Pictures Showing Exactly What It's Like Living With A Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster. Once the initial excitement of seeing those little two lines on a pregnancy test has passed, parents-to-be have a lot on their plates. From making their home child-friendly if it's their first, arranging paternity leave, buying baby clothes, and informing their friends and family - usually after the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is at its highest.

And for pregnant women, this can be extremely stressful because of the whole growing another human inside them thing. They could suffer from ailments like morning sickness, some which are even worse, and the dreaded mood swings which their changing bodies inflict upon them. They have my full sympathy, honestly, but dads, well, they have it tough too. They need to support their partner during this trying time, and, on occasion, this can have hilarious consequences.

Case in point, these 20 hilarious pictures which reveal exactly what it's like to have a pregnant wife...

1. "My pregnant wife sent this to me at 2:12 am this morning. I'm going to guess that my snoring was quite bad last night."

Credit: Reddit / @batgaz / via Bored Panda

Yikes. There's no other word for it.

2. It's not just husbands who have to fear their pregnant wives...

Credit: Twitter / @corymoyta / via Bored Panda

Everyone does.

3. "My pregnant wife demanded I go to the store for frozen yogurt. I was tempted to play a joke, but wanted to live."

Credit: Reddit / @ThePantser / via Bored Panda

This husband knows the score.

4. Sometimes it's best to bake a cake on the off chance.

Credit: Twitter / @ms_mojoe / via Bored Panda

What a hero.

5. Pregnant women are very sensitive.

Credit: Twitter / @ChrisnotBritton / via Bored Panda

And that includes being sensitive to your breath. Better invest in some mints, mate.

6. Good husbands pamper their pregnant wives.

Credit: Imgur / @Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I mean, it's not like they're the ones pushing an actual human out of their nether regions.

7. #PregnantWifeProblems

Credit: Twitter / @GrantVoges

Get that woman her tacos!

8. Pregnant women and pickles are like pepperoni and pizza...

Credit: Twitter / @Kansazjay / via Bored Panda

A match made in Heaven!

9. This is terrifying.

Credit: Imgur / @Diltron

If you want to be a safe husband, never eat the last of anything while your wife is pregnant.

10. Pregnancy cravings really are something else!

Credit: Reddit / @gtrpup2

What a bizarre shopping list.

11. "Pregnant women can be vicious. This is my wife trolling me at breakfast."

Credit: Imgur / User Unknown

Well, she is eating for two.

12. The many ups and downs of pregnancy.

Credit: Twitter / @dearpreggywife / via Bored Panda

He'll soon realize that toddlers have even more mood swings.

13. "Someone's enjoying the game today!"

Credit: Instagram / @darylamundrud

Having a bun in the oven is tiring work.

14. "This is the result when a pregnant wife wants to go for a walk."

Credit: Twitter / @theeasternbloc

Pregnant women must be responsible for 99% of all pickle sales.

15. "My poor husband. Freezing so I can be comfortable."

Credit: Instagram / @purplish86

It must be true love.

16. "What happens when you have a pregnant wife at home, and you leave your phone in your car for an hour."

Pregnant ladies need a bit of extra support. Get over it.

17. That's him told.

Having a pregnant wife is like being held hostage by a psychopath...

18. Pregnancy is very, very expensive.

Credit: Twitter / @WillKersey / via Bored Panda

And it only gets worse when your little bundle of joy arrives.

19. "Didn't even get the car started and she's opened the muffins... She started crying when I laughed at her."

Credit: Instagram / @c_owen12

Relatable and I'm not even pregnant.

20. Parents-to-be have a lot of false alarms to contend with.

Credit: Twitter / @phero1190

Let's just hope it's the former depending on how far along she is...

While you might have more sympathy for dads-to-be after reading this list, trust me, writing as a woman who accidentally experienced labor contractions (long story), I can tell you that what they're going through is nothing compared to their wives.