Sleep-Deprived Dad Tricks Baby By Drawing On Fake Eyes

Sleep-Deprived Dad Tricks Baby By Drawing On Fake Eyes

Now, I may not be a parent myself, but I definitely have some idea of how difficult it is to pacify a young child when they get worked up about something. And the younger the child, the more difficult it is to keep them under control. Babies, for example, just act on instinct, and you can't exactly reason with them if they are behaving erratically.

It's the same for slightly older children. If they insist on having, say, an expensive toy and have no concept of how much this will set their parents back, you'd be wasting your time using reason and logic to coax them out of their tantrum.

So you create a diversion; you find some way to trick or distract them from whatever it is that's causing them distress. Parents do it all the time. Many moms and dads will resort to misleading or flat-out lying to their kids in order to control their behaviour.


In fact, one father in China has recently been getting attention for the very inventive way in which he tricked his baby boy.

The very cunning father decided the only way he could get a bit of shut-eye without his young son getting worked up was to deceive him into believing he was awake. So he drew a very convincing pair of fake eyes on his eyelids and it totally worked!

Take a look at this very deception in action:

But it wasn't just the fake eyes that helped the father in his deception, he also played a recording of himself singing a nursery rhyme in order to get his baby to sleep. And the child, believing he had his doting dad's full attention, went right off to sleep.

The father and son were filmed, presumably by the child's mother, sleeping peacefully. It would be super adorable if it wasn't so comical. The man even goes as far as stuffing tissues in his ears for use as makeshift earplugs. Clearly no one - not even his baby - can keep him from his well-deserved slumber.


The short video was taken from a compilation video called "Perfunctory ways of fathers taking care of their children" by Chinese news site

Another humorous clip in the compilation features a father playing computer games with his son strapped to his chest in a baby carrier. In a different clip, an expectant dad attending an antenatal class manages to decapitate a baby mannequin.

The compilation video was published on Monday and has since garnered an impressive 4.17 million views on Weibo.


Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of people who had something to say - whether positive or negative - about the not-so-sleep-deprived father in the video.

"This is so funny! What a clever man," one Weibo user wrote. "Many fathers will be copying him now!"

"You can tell that the father is very inexperienced in taking care of his baby!" wrote another.

"This actually shows that men should be learning how to take care of their babies properly and not leave everything to their wives," a third user added.

Well, whatever you think about the father's trick, I'm sure plenty of people will now be taking a leaf out of his clever book.